Mitch McConnell plans an all-out battle to take away Trump from the Republican Celebration

Republican leaders, including Senator Mitch McConnell, are planning an all-out war to ensure Donald Trump and his loyalists are expelled from the GOP once and for all.

According to the New York Times, “As President Trump prepares to leave office with his party in disarray, Republican leaders, including Senator Mitch McConnell, seek to thwart his influence over the GOP in future elections.”

McConnell’s behind-the-scenes struggle against Trumpism will not go unanswered, however. The MAGA mob is already planning to track down any GOP leaders who supported the impeachment or even recognized that Trump lost to Joe Biden.

The back and forth is likely just the start of an internal civil war that could tear the Republican Party apart if it tries to take the White House and Congress back from the Democrats.

More from the New York Times:

In Washington, Republicans are particularly concerned about a handful of far-right House members running for Senate in swing states, potentially tarnishing the party in some of the most politically important areas of the country. Mr. McConnell’s political lieutenants envision a large-scale campaign to prevent such candidates from winning primary elections in key states.

But Mr Trump’s political cohort seems no less determined, and his allies in the States have laid the groundwork to crack down on Republican officials who voted in favor of Mr Trump’s indictment – or who merely recognized the clear reality that the Joseph R. Biden Jr. had won the presidential race.

McConnell should vote to condemn Trump

In the last few weeks it has become clear that Mitch McConnell doesn’t want Donald Trump to be the future of the Republican Party. His openness to impeachment was a clear signal that he was ready to turn the page of the ashamed president.

Of course, McConnell has one tool that could oust Trump from the GOP: convict him in the impeachment trial against the Senate.

If convicted, the Senate can also vote to prevent Trump from ever taking office again – a move that only requires a simple majority.

Mitch McConnell and other anti-Trump GOP officials can use any money to defeat Trumpism in future elections, but conviction is the most immediate step they can take to show the country that Republicans are ready to to deviate from this dangerous man.

Still, the question remains whether enough Republican senators are ready to make Donald Trump democratic.

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