Sunday Evening Owls: One thing else Operation Warp Velocity ​​wants – the local weather disaster

It’s worth thinking about because we are surround from existential threats. Mainly climate change. The scale of the problem is enormous.

The answer is: Operation Warp Speed ​​for the climate.

The US government should pull its muscles behind to get a huge, rapid rollout of all forms of renewable energy underway. This includes those that we can already build – such as sun and wind – but also experimental emerging sources such as geothermal energy and small nuclear power plants, as well as cutting-edge forms of energy storage or transmission. It’s not like the government did Nothing to renewable energies; Solar tax credits are part of the reason adoption goes up and price goes down. But compared to the terrifying scale of the problem, the expense was a sucker bill. Over the past 40 years, the US has spent 37 percent more research and development on fossil fuels than on renewable energy. […]





Call me old-fashioned, but unity does not mean unleashing the instigators of an attempted coup.

– Robert Reich (@RBReich), January 18, 2021


“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a stereotype that must have been left behind in the 1960s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal. ” ~~John Lennon


That day at Daily Kos in 2010– MA-Sen: campaign frenzy:

The first conversation you have with people in Massachusetts these days is about what calls they received. “I was home today,” my father told me on Friday, “and most of the calls we got were about the elections: Bill Clinton, the DNC, a Coakley volunteer, the Brown campaign, my union president … . “On Saturday it was a robocall from Scott Brown’s daughter complaining about the negative attacks against her father. (That is, against disclosing his records and positions.) Today my mother answered the phone and was asked if she believed that the marriage was between a man and a woman. When she answered no, the National Organization for Marriage thanked her and signed. Moments later the phone rang. It was a call from MassEquality to let people know that NOM is making calls.

At the Coakley Campaign headquarters and near the Massachusetts Democratic Party, volunteer telephone bankers often apologize for the volume of calls people get. But they keep calling, and the stacks of completed call logs are added as quickly as they can be entered into the computers. The complacency that plagued us a week ago has been thoroughly pierced and volunteers have flooded in.

No, Massachusetts is not used to this type of campaign.

Massachusetts is also not used to a candidate as low and foamy as Scott Brown, and once again the compressed schedule for the actual campaign is an issue forcing voters to just soak up the quick succession of stories as it comes in here out about Brown after months of defining himself as that telegenic guy who never says the word “Republican”.

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