Senate Democrats will pressure Republicans to save lots of our democracy

Here are some of the choices to make: universal voter registration and easy maintenance of voter registration that is available online to all voters, voter registration on election day, limit state cleansing of voters and require an early vote, and limit the hurdles that States can impose voting and voting by mail; Restore protection in the Voting Rights Act, repealed by the Supreme Court and blocked by McConnell; and Independent Redistribution Commission in the States to End Gerrymandering. In the dark money area, this would impose new disclosure requirements on both donations and lobbying and require presidents and vice-presidents to publish their tax returns.

“From a violent uprising in the Capitol to countless attempts to silence the voices of millions of Americans, attacks on our democracy have taken many forms,” ​​Schumer said in a press release announcing the bill. “This legislation will bring about long-standing democratic reforms that will ensure the government is finally able to respond to the urgent needs of the American people.” Merkley added, “A violent assault on the Capitol is not the only way to attack democracy. Anyone who believes in our constitutional vision should support reforms that ensure that the American people can vote and that their government has their preferences and works for them. “” Klobuchar, future chairman of the federal election regulatory committee, added that her “top priority will be to make voting easier and safer, and to stop the flood of special interests and dark money that the Voices drowned out Americans. “

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