Political Editor Chris Stirewalt, sacked about 20 others at Fox Information

Political editor Chris Stirewalt has been fired from Fox News along with nearly two dozen digital journalists.

Stirewalt is listed by the New York Times as one of two “senior executives” to leave the network as Fox “seeks to draw back viewers who oppose coverage of the 2020 election and its aftermath.”

The other is Bill Sammon, longtime head of Fox News’ Washington office, who announced to staff that he will be retiring at the end of the month.

However, according to the Times, Stirewalt was “fired” along with “about 20 Fox News digital journalists” who were fired Tuesday.

The network claims the steps were taken to “adapt their business and reporting structure to the demands of this new era”.

How did a man destroy a television station? Well, because that one man was @ChrisStirewalt – Chuck Todds’ Liz Cheney.

Stirewalt was so wrong that you wondered if he’s actually a Democrat.

– Emerald Robinson @ (@EmeraldRobinson) January 20, 2021

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Chris Stirewalt, face of Fox News failed election night coverage, fired

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Chris Stirewalt became the face of Fox News’ failed coverage of Election Night when the network called the state of Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden much earlier than other mainstream networks.

In fact, several outlets waited days before moving.

The decision was ultimately upheld, but there was little reason for Fox to be so sure, given the call’s narrow margin and the still-to-be-taken vote counting.

“The reality is that the margins are too high, we feel very safe, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it,” said Stirewalt in defense of the decision.

The New York Times later admitted that the decision desk call was “bold” and “immediately changed the tone of the night”.

And now you have Tucker Carlson openly pushing back Fox News and calling Arizona for Biden.

“I’m not privy to math, I’m not sure how that decision was made even after Chris Stirewalt’s statement … I think our viewers trust us, but people are concerned.”

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) November 4, 2020

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Reviews drive the movements

The report found that Fox News fired employees because they were “concerned about a post-election drop in ratings, a slump that has lasted for two months”.

Late in the year, Fox celebrated its rating success that made it the top rated cable news station in history. These numbers were largely backed by runaway successes with personalities like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

However, cracks formed in their viewers, especially among supporters of President Trump.

Fox had announced the results of the state election ahead of time – the hosts began censoring legal challenges for the election, and others simply mocked people who value the integrity of the voting process.

Neil Cavuto cuts off White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for believing her words are too dangerous to hear.

Instead of letting us decide, he interprets her meaning to us, even with words she never said.

Fox News: We report and we decide (shut up and obey).

– Tim Xeriland (@Xeriland) November 10, 2020

About a month after the election, Newsmax TV achieved a historic, first-ever ratings win on Fox News Channel, according to a CNN annual report.

REPORT: Newsmax TV beats Fox News in the rating matchup

– Newsmax (@newsmax) December 9, 2020

President Trump consistently urged his followers to look at alternative networks like Newsmax, and often accepted the perceived postponement of coverage at Fox.

“I can’t believe how bad [Fox News] is in the ratings, “Trump tweeted before being censored by the platform. “You played straight into the hands of the radical left Democrats, [and] Now they are floating in Limbo land. “

Indeed, the New York Times reports that “Fox News’ daily newscasts, which often feature conservative guests but are run by anchors who do not report to the network’s opinion side, have seen severe viewership loss.”

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