The Allstar Perspective Award goes to Alicia Ingram

Reindeer Auto Relocation will announce the winner at its annual ceremony.

Reindeer Auto Relocation recently presented an Allstar Attitude Award to their longtime associate Alicia Ingram. The Allstar Attitude Award recognizes outstanding employees who are optimistic and have a good attitude. You are a team player and build close relationships with employees. The award also recognizes the strong communication, the attention to detail and the consistent exceeding of expectations. Ingram received this award at the annual ceremony for the past few months.

Ingram is a Quality Care Support Supervisor for vehicles and freight of all kinds. She has been with the company for almost ten years. As a quality supervisor, she takes care of all initial requirements and liaises with customers to ensure efficient and timely communication. Ingram works in all departments with a variety of tasks and reviews all open claims. It determines if there are any fees, facilitates assignment, sends application forms, returns calls, and provides customers with written information. She keeps track of all the detailed tasks in a timely manner to ensure that customer expectations are met and closes those that are resolved.

“Alicia is a leader and her general attitude is so positive. She is a committed and committed team player, ”says Jessica Clark, Director of Quality Maintenance / Hour at Reindeer Auto Relocation. “Alicia’s upbeat attitude is contagious and we love working with her.”

Reindeer Auto is an industry leader in domestic, international and freight moving services. They use technology and training in their logistical support to plan and carry out efficient transport of vehicles from one point to another.

Reindeer Auto is headquartered in Zionsville, Indiana. Your extensive network is licensed, bound, and insured. The logistics team has the necessary experience to oversee the details of planning unique moves. Moving services are provided by air, rail or water freight. For more information about Reindeer Auto or to contact us, visit

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