Tuesday Evening Owls: Excerpts from the February concern of Harper’s Index

Estimated amount for 2020 campaigns for the US House of Representatives, Senate and White House:: $ 14,000,000,000

Factor by which this exceeds the previous record for an election year:: 2

Estimated amount of global tax revenue lost each year to companies based in tax havens:: 245,000,000,000 USD

To people who store their assets in tax havens:: $ 182,000,000,000

Percentage of Americans in a relationship who keep some of their money secret from their partner:: 37

Chance an American knew someone who died of COVID-19 last year:: 1 in 2

Minimum percentage the US birthrate is expected to decrease this year:: 8th

Estimated amount of carbon in tons generated each year from sending and receiving emails:: 12,000,000

By sending and receiving text messages:: 7,000,000

Part of U.S. doctors and nurses who have retired early or are planning to retire due to the pandemic:: 1/5

Percentage of US workers over 55 planning to postpone retirement due to the pandemic:: 13th

Part of US remote workers who say they worked harder than ever:: 7/10

They say they haven’t felt so valued by their employer since they started working remotely:: ½

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