Wednesday evening owls: Biden requires “unity”, however therapeutic can be tough in deeply divided nation

Necessity does not always determine results. On that front, Biden faces a daunting task. Trump leaves Biden a severely broken society where a number of Americans are intrigued by insane conspiratorial notions and pledge – for some, literally – to fight the incoming president and other perceived enemies of her America. Trump Brownshirts and White Supremacists Swear Violence Will Come; QAnoners promise to continue their battle against reality. Elected Republican officials rave about extremist elements. Millions see the government in the hands of a diabolical enemy force that must be defeated.

An inaugural address cannot cure any of this. Also, kind and good intentions cannot. Biden, Harris and their crew of seasoned and passionate policy makers want to tackle the gigantic problems that Biden specifically identified in his speech: the pandemic, the walloped economy, climate change, systemic racism and so on. “It’s time for boldness,” said Biden. And much of the country is on his side. He and Harris won more votes. Their political ideas are usually popular. You have an – albeit small – majority in the House and a wafer-thin majority in the Senate. They have plans and they have power. You can move forward on many fronts without GOP cooperation. Rescuing vaccination efforts, building humane immigration policies, enforcing environmental and financial regulations – none of these require a Republican buy-in in Congress. And in the hours following the inauguration, the White House in Biden moved quickly to implement new guidelines. […]





I really can’t believe it. But we beat a billion dollar corporation, settler governments, and miles of paperwork.

We mobilized thousands. We disobeyed and were arrested. We fought with everything. Because it was necessary.

We beat Keystone XL!

– Dallas Goldtooth (@dallasgoldtooth) January 21, 2021


“This is a time of testing. We are facing an attack on democracy and truth. A raging virus. Growing inequality. The sting of systemic racism. A climate in crisis. America’s role in the world. Any of these would be enough to challenge us in profound ways. The fact is, however, that we face all of us at once and give this nation the greatest responsibility. Now we have to improve. We all. It is a time of boldness because there is so much to do. And that’s for sure. We are being judged, you and I, as we resolve the cascading crises of our time. Will we face the opportunity? Will we master this rare and difficult hour? Will we live up to our commitments and share a new and better world for our children? I believe we have to and I believe we will. And if we do, we will write the next chapter in American history. ” ~~ President Joe BidenJanuary 20, 2021.


That day at Daily Kos in 2017—Whose inauguration is that on Donald Trump’s Twitter background?

It would have been difficult to find a picture of a crowd crowded enough at Donald Trump’s inauguration, so they seem to have taken the easy route.

Trust me guys. Many of us would rather live this day again than this. But now that people are paying attention, I’m sure thugs are scouring the photos for something to make today’s crowd look like something it wasn’t.

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