Senate Republicans betray America by refusing to sentence Trump for inciting insurgency

Senate Republicans say there is no chance 17 of them will convict Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol uprising.

CNN reported, “In interviews with more than a dozen GOP senators, the consensus was clear: Most Republicans are likely to acquit Trump, and only a handful are really at risk of convicting the former president – unless there are more Evidence or Political The dynamics within your party are changing dramatically. However, Republicans are also signaling that since the uprising, some of the day’s emotions have cooled and they are ready to move on. “

Having a real trial with evidence and testimony is important, but the Senate should probably waste too much time on Trump’s second impeachment trial.

The Senate Republicans have already decided that it is right for Trump to overthrow the government. It is doubtful that evidence could be produced that would lead Republicans to vote for condemnation.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer took a step in the right direction on Friday when he rejected Mitch McConnell’s efforts to protect the filibuster.

Joe Biden offers Republicans bipartisanism and unity, but Democrats won’t waste time waiting for something that will likely never happen.

Senate Republicans will not vote to condemn Trump, which makes it clear that they will never team up with Democrats to unite the nation.

Democrats must destroy the filibuster and get Joe Biden’s agenda for the good of the country passed.

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