Thursday Evening Owls: You recognize who’s gone, however authoritarian foundations nonetheless exist

These tendencies were in the making for decades. The American security state, which had already been built on decades of funding and training against the left, had acquired a new luster with the war on terror. The ongoing aftermath of the great 2008 recession played an important role in the 2016 political establishment crisis and in Trump’s unexpected rise to the top of the Republican Party. This year alone, Covid-19 mismanagement has resulted in the deaths of over 400,000 people, exposed key workers and those vulnerable to a deadly disease, and frayed the country’s already ragged social institutions, while structural racist violence brought millions of people on the street amid this pandemic.

These factors have accumulated and sparked the worst legitimacy crisis since the late 1960s. We still don’t have enough space to assess the long-term impact of the Trump administration. Even so, we shouldn’t try to understand the Trump years by viewing them as a radical break with what came before. Instead, they perpetuated broader and pre-existing authoritarian tendencies in American politics – a tide only temporarily halted by Trump’s departure from office. […]





I am honored to be the first male spouse of an American president or vice president. But I will always remember that generations of women before me have served in this role – often without much appreciation or appreciation. It is their legacy of progress that I will build on as the Second Gentleman.

– Douglas Emhoff (@SecondGentleman) January 21, 2021


“They realize that in thirty-four months we have built new instruments of public power. In the hands of a people’s government, that power is sound and right. But in the hands of political puppets of an economic autocracy, such power would shackle the freedoms of the people. ” ~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, State of the Union, January 3, 1936


That day at Daily Kos in 2009– The Obama administration stands by Bush’s DOJ in the case of espionage::

A sensitive civil liberties case that has ruled the courts for nearly four years is back in the news when the Obama administration was “in line with the Bush administration Thursday when it asked a federal judge to rule in.” “The case concerns the now-defunct Oregon-based Saudi charity, Al-Haramain Islamic.” Foundation.

According to Wired’s David Kravets:

Just a few more hours In office, President George W. Bush asked US District Judge Vaughn Walker late Monday to continue enforcing an important January 5 ruling and admit important evidence to the case.

The filing by the Obama administration on Thursday marked the first time it officially filed a court document in the lawsuit asking the courts to rule without guarantee on the constitutionality of the Bush administration’s wiretapping program. The former president approved the wiretapping operations following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“The government’s position remains that this case should be retained,” said the Obama administration wrote in a file that made it clear for the first time that the new president agreed with the arguments put forward by the Bush administration on the case.

Given that it has taken the position of the Bush administration on this case, the question that needs to be answered is what role the “single executive” philosophy will play in the Obama administration.

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