Mitt Romney means that People do not want speedy COVID assist

Senator Mitt Romney said the Senate had just passed a $ 900 billion package so he wouldn’t seek more immediate COVID relief.

Romney said:

Mitt Romney on Biden’s COVID relief package: “We have just passed a program worth over $ 900 billion. I’m not looking for a new program in the near future.”

You know who is Senator Romney? Millions delve deeper into debt, hunger and despair.

– Renée Graham @ (@reneeygraham) January 23, 2021

The latest job report shows that 900,000 applied for unemployment benefits last month. The package passed by the Senate does not make up for the void Republicans created by failing to act for six months to provide more aid, let alone to cope with the increasing number of Americans in dire need of help.

The Biden government has taken action, but there is a non-partisan consensus among economists that more aid needs to be given immediately. Forget Senator Joe Manchin grumbled over $ 2,000 stimulus checks. Democrats can always pass the stimulus checks with separate legislative measures that they would not need Manchin’s vote on, as there are a small number of Republican Senators who support additional stimulus payments. Sen. Manchin will not derail the entire COVID rescue package via stimulus checks.

Mitt Romney is a very wealthy man who is completely out of touch with the crisis that millions and millions of Americans are facing.

President Biden’s longing for bipartisanism is a nice thought, but Democrats better prepare to act alone to pass Biden’s COVID bailout bill.

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