Texas man arrested close to the White Home with weapons and ammunition asking concerning the oval workplace

A Texas gunman was arrested near the White House after searching for information on the Oval Office.

Kolbie Satterfield from WUSA9 tweeted:

A Texas man was arrested for holding a gun and ammunition near the White House on Friday.
The man told officers “he needs information about the Oval Office,” according to court documents.
He was arrested for carrying an unlicensed pistol and several other gun wounds. @ wusa9

– Satterfield Flask (@KolbieReports) January 24, 2021

The threat level facing President Biden and the nation has not decreased since the Capitol attack. Even if Senator Marco Rubio doesn’t believe it, the best way to get a message across to Trump’s domestic terrorists is to hold Donald Trump accountable.

Ignoring the threat or Trump’s role in encouraging and inciting will not make them go away. As long as people like Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) refuse to admit the election wasn’t stolen and continue repeating Trump’s big lie, America and its leaders will continue to face heightened risk of threats.

Presidents are always goals, but the current environment was created by Donald Trump, activated by the Republican Party, and distributed through Fox News.

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