Republicans convicted of a number of trafficking in human beings and fraud start the sentencing

Paul Petersen does the thing QAnon pretends to take care of it.

In October 2019 former The elected county assessor for Maricopa County Paul Petersen has been charged with 11 crimes by Utah’s attorney general. These crimes included “people smuggling, selling a child and communications fraud”. The charges arose out of an illegal prosecutor’s “adoption program” in which Petersen recruited and transported at least 40 pregnant women from the Republic of the Marshall Islands to Utah, where they were born and then gave up their babies. Petersen made a plea deal in Arizona and was sentenced to 74 months in prison.

On January 21, Petersen began his sentence in a federal prison near El Paso, Texas. Petersen is still being convicted of fraud in Arizona and human trafficking in Utah. The Associated Press reports that Petersen is appealing the Arizona conviction after the judge gave him two years more than the guidelines recommend.

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