The decision for a resignation of ‘Q-cumber’ Marjorie Taylor Greene from Home is bolstered after new video interfaces

Demand for censorship, expulsion from Congress to further the ongoing overthrow of the government, and demand for a meaningful form of reprimand for its dangerous actions have not had any consequences. It was reported on Wednesday that part of Greene’s Facebook story contains calls to assassinate spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi. But no less worrying is the belief in false flag mass shootings.

As Media Matters reported, the posts Greene hushed up just two years ago include things like what she said: “I’ve been told that Nancy Pelosi tells Hillary Clinton several times a month that we need another shooting at school to convince the public to want tight gun control.” Greene also advocates the idea that mass shootings survivors are “paid actors,” a particularly illogical hole in the world classical sociopathy of great conspiracy theories.

Super rough and uncomfortable person

The concept is that anyone who is this secret cabal of power is / is so controlled and powerful and has so many resources (i.e. law enforcement, special forces military agents, weapons, helicopters, media, government agencies at both federal and federal local level ) that they organize mass shootings in the hope of stealing their guns from everyone. Never mind that the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado happened almost 22 years ago and there are fewer gun restrictions now than there were then. It doesn’t matter that this heartless and controlling “globalist” agenda is poised to create hundreds of accomplices – “false survivors”, “false grieving parents” and other “crisis actors” – to be constantly seen or interviewed in public Jews controlled media and the fact that real mass shooters wouldn’t kill a few people and leave real survivors behind makes no sense.

However, it isn’t important to people like Greene to make sense. Once a hole is made in their logic, conspiracy theorists like Greene simply move the goalposts and come up with a new straw man argument to which they pretend to react. For people like Greene, everything has to be bigger, not just because the alternative speaks to what for them is a frightening amount of chance and chaos. The reason Greene and others like her want to believe in a massive alien-level conspiracy theory is because they constantly feel so out of control and are so selfish that the recognition that they might be wrong is way too much than they could take it.


Always remember that Greene is a multimillionaire whose district shopped for a congressional district where she could finance herself and run. She won her elementary school because of an avalanche of her own money.

– Kombiz Lavasany (@kombiz) January 27, 2021

Hogg has long known that Greene is a garbage bag full of ideas.


I have a message for @RepMTG

Apologize now or keep spreading these conspiracies and we are sure to make the next 2 years of your life not only your last in Congress, but a living hell too 🙂https: //

– David Hogg (He / Him) (@ davidhogg111) January 22, 2021

Here’s a reminder: Donald Trump called her a “future Republican star”. Yeehaw?

In the video below, Greene seeks to promote the idea that Hogg and his work advocating for smart weapon safety laws are simply a symptom of right-wing boogie man George Soros. Watch for yourself as Greene poses as the wretched, selfish, nihilistic monster she is.


. @ mtgreenee, are you pestering @ davidhogg111 weeks after the parkland shots that killed my daughter and that he was in? Call him a coward for ignoring your madness. I will personally answer all of your questions. Get ready to record again at

– Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) January 27, 2021

Here is the YouTube video from their own YouTube channel.

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