WATCH: MSNBC’s Jason Johnson asks why Mike Pence is now not bothered when Trump supporters tried to hold him

Many Republicans have backed Donald Trump on the pretext that they will need his supporters to win future elections. What these GOP lawmakers fail to take into account, however, is the fact that these people only support Donald Trump.

Mike Pence stood by the ex-president’s side for 4 years, defending him at every turn. However, the Capitol rioters planned to hang Mike Pence for refusing to break the law for Trump.

Pence is apparently surfing the couch when he plays his next political piece. This left MSNBC’s Jason Johnson confused. Johnson wondered why Pence hadn’t spoken out more about the people who threatened his life.

The expert made the comments during an appearance on the MSNBC show by Nicolle Wallace. He said to the host:

“Oh Nicolle, I don’t think you’re ambivalent, I think you’re for it. If you are voting against a lawsuit to hold this guy accountable who, by the way, led a lot of people who wanted to kill Mike Pence … If there’s an interview that I wanted to see, I want to see Mike Pence. I want him to go to the next RNC event and say, “They wanted people to hang me!” Because that’s exactly what happened! These people are not your friends, Mike. “

Courtesy of MSNBC, watch a clip of the following segment:

“The Republican Party, they can no longer wear blinders. There is no face shield, no N95 mask to protect you from this virus of terrorism. You all sucked it in and are now part of spreading it throughout the party. ” – @DrJasonJohnson with @NicolleDWallace

– Deadline White House (@DeadlineWH) January 27, 2021

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