Democrats gained Georgia with promising stimuli. Now Ossoff, Warnock is urging quick motion

The senators’ urgency was confirmed by Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project, during an interview on The Brief earlier this week. When asked what Democrats would have to do to keep the state’s new Democratic voters busy, Ufot replied, “They want their $ 2,000 checks.” She also named the Childhood Arrivals Delayed Action (DACA) a top priority.

Ufot said the desperate moment amid the pandemic and widespread job losses provided elegant “clarity” on the results, and voters were not looking for treatises on the progressive agenda. “Where is my money?” She said. “Where’s my vaccine? Where’s my money?”

Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion package requires $ 1,400 checks, which is $ 2,000 when combined with the $ 600 payments included in the aid package passed last month.

Biden himself appears to have some clarity on the urgency of getting his bailout package through, telling White House reporters on Friday that Democrats would not wait for GOP votes.

“I support the passing of the COVID aid, with the Republicans’ backing, if we can get it,” said Biden. “But the COVID relief must pass. No ifs or buts. “

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