Marco Rubio tries to assault the American Federation of Lecturers and is demolished on Twitter


After following the Republican line that COVID-19 wasn’t a big deal, questioning mask mandates, the false narrative Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to the American public, advertised and challenged stay-at-home orders, Florida coward Marco Rubio stepped in front of everyone – teachers, first responders, and the elderly – to get a vaccine. Rubio was recently reminded that impeachment proceedings against a president who helped create, fester, and carry out an attempted coup against the United States is “stupid.” He was also apparently able to raise the work ethic of a toddler during the nap by trying and failing to attack the real lawmaker, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On Wednesday, Rubio tried, probably not reading clearly under the boots he has been licking for the past four years, and failing to find his calendar for the Bible quote of the day, to attack public school teachers, particularly the “National Teachers Union “ on twitter. Rubio wrote: “The national teachers’ union (not the teachers) says they won’t be back to work until 2022. We shouldn’t send a single tax dollar in Covid funds to schools that won’t reopen. ” Yup. Guy has very little to say about an insurrection within his own political party, but he has made serious progress in promoting the safety of public health and our children.

ItIt’s hard to know exactly what Rubio was talking about. maybe he was referring to that Dead end that the Chicago Teachers Union and the city has more than COVID-19 resources and the protections offered to teachers for schools reopening. Much easiertalks about the American Federation of Teachers? Not sure. Marco has to go back to school. Bad. In the meantime, the internet has learned a little about him.

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