Georgia Republicans face civil conflict of their get together, however they’re busy attacking Stacey Abrams

Apparently it took casualties in the President’s race and two Senate races to take Abrams seriously? To be fair, Kemp took them seriously enough in 2018 to do additional voter repression, even by Georgian standards.

Abrams, mind you, hasn’t even stated their intention to run in 2022, though Kemp’s pals aren’t the only ones expecting her to do so.

Kemp and his friends should probably turn their attention to their own party at this point. After all, Trump has called on Kemp to resign, calling him “an obstructionist who refuses to admit we won Georgia, BIG!” and “an utter disaster.” Trump explicitly suggested at a rally that former MP Doug Collins should run against Kemp.

But Republicans know that if Abrams runs, their candidate will face them in November 2022, and we should absolutely expect them to stop at nothing to stop them. The amount of mud and worse will be mind-boggling – and by its very existence, a recognition of Abrams’ effectiveness in organizing voters in Georgia.

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