Biden and Democrats step on the gasoline and bypass Republican arguments over the COVID Reduction Invoice

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that the Democrats, with the support of President Biden, would use the reconciliation to pass COVID relief.

Video from Schumer:

Schumer said:

Schumer: “The details will be worked out in the course of the committee process, and we hope the Republicans will join us, but we will not water this down so that the American people do not get out of this crisis quickly.” . “

– Michael McAuliff (@mmcauliff) February 2, 2021

Schumer after the caucus meeting with Biden: “President Biden spoke about the need for Congress to act bravely and quickly. He made a very strong point of the need for a big, brave package.”

– Michael McAuliff (@mmcauliff) February 2, 2021

Schumer: “At lunch it was pointed out that the ARP, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Independents are supported with overwhelming support. They support a courageous plan and support reconciliation when we have to. So this is a bipartisan plan when They go.” talk to [people] out in the country

– Michael McAuliff (@mmcauliff) February 2, 2021

Given that Senate Democrats have overcame Republican objections and are continually obsessed with creating drama through disability, the media has turned its attention to Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), whom they hope will help them Provides some intrigue, but that is unlikely to happen. Democrats may have to tinker with the bill, but Manchin will end up voting for it.

Joe Biden and the Democrats tried bipartisanism, and the Republicans turned it down so that they could do it alone and deliver for the American people.
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