Steve Bannon praises anti-Vax protesters who shut down the vaccination middle in Los Angeles

Joe Biden is committed to vaccinating 100 million people in his first 100 days in office. One way he is going to achieve this goal is to open large vaccination centers across the country.

One of these centers was established at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. The site was closed by a crowd of anti-vaccination protesters over the weekend. On a recent broadcast, Steve Bannon compared these anti-Vaxxers to the patriots of the American revolt.

On Friday, “Bannon began,” the government-run vaccination case emerged and finalized in Chavez Gorge at Dodgers Stadium, and it was a shot that was heard around the world. That could be the Lexington and Concord of the antivax movement. Hey, I’m not an antivax, but I hear some compelling arguments from some of the people over there. “

Like many of the recent right-wing protests, the event was scheduled on a Facebook page. Washington Post’s Isaac Stanley-Becker notes:

“The online activity shows the extent to which Facebook remains an important organizational tool of the anti-vaccine movement despite the company’s repeated vows to contain the misinformation of the coronavirus. It also shows how social networking services can encourage the confrontation tactics of those who engage themselves in misconceptions about the dangers of vaccination when mass vaccination efforts increase. “

The center shutdown was temporary and the site is now operational again.

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