Democrats are the social gathering of religion

By J. Peder Zane for RealClearPolitics

Democrats are the party of faith.

Through their dominance in the media, academia, Hollywood, and the growing parts of American business, they have successfully turned propaganda into reality.

They insisted that President Trump was a dictator and a treacherous ally of Vladimir Putin who refused to denounce white supremacy.

They dismissed questions about the business relations of President Biden’s family as “Russian disinformation” which had been “completely discredited”.

When research and fact-checking found these claims to be false, they just kept repeating them. Lie long and loud enough and many accept it as the truth.

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After securing the White House and control of the Senate in the last election, the Democrats and their allies are adding a heavy dose of intimidation to their campaign of deception.

They use social media to silence disagreements while blacklisting them to make it difficult for their opponents to find work.

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In a sign of how far they have gone, many journalists in influential outfits are now questioning the wisdom of the First Amendment and calling for state regulation of the language.

As the culture of annulment spreads, they illuminate the public by denying that it is happening. At the same time, they argue that Republicans need to be silenced and even “deprogrammed” for being delusional liars.

For conservative ears, the national discourse often boils down to this: will you believe us or your lying eyes?

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The Conservative cartoon certainly depicts some people on the right. Senator Mitch McConnell has spoken out against the insanity of his party.

However, there is little evidence that they enjoy meaningful support. The criminal attack on the Capitol on January 6 was a shame, but it was also widely condemned by Republicans – in stark contrast to Democrats, who largely ignored or even celebrated the repeated violence of the Antifa.

Viewing this action as an attempted coup – pretending that the mob might have taken control of the government – is fraudulent propaganda aimed at polluting 74 million Trump voters.

US history is full of examples of movements that many Americans viewed as dangerous. Usually these were progressives who fought for unions, marched for civil rights and called for an end to the foreign wars.

Most people consider these reasons worthy even though communists were scattered among the ranks of the activists. We also see now that the oppression they provoked was shameful.

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As future Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis stated in 1913, sunlight is “the best disinfectant.” The way to defeat dangerous ideas and behaviors is to expose them to reason.

This is a basis of our pluralistic democracy.

History reveals two main reasons why factions try to restrict language: first, because it is an effective means of suppressing dissent, and second, because they fail or cannot defend their own ideas.

Today’s Democrats and their allies are driven by both rationales. Their control over most of the channels of communication has enabled them to spread narratives that delegitimize their opponents by caricaturing them as racist conspiracy theorists.

It may be impossible to change the minds of those who welcome the accuracy of this account, but it is worth asking: If your view is true, why should you use so many errors to support it?

For the Democrats, this propaganda coup is twofold: by marginalizing the Republicans, it keeps the focus away from the effects of their own ideas and policies.

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Your argument boils down to this: let’s do what we want or these Neanderthals will be in charge.

This strategy is becoming increasingly important to Democrats as it drives left-wing ideas that are difficult to support by fact-based metrics – i.e., reality rather than ideology.

Democrats are the party of the activist government. Their progressive core idea – the pedestal of their Great Society programs – is that the combination of enormous federal resources and elite expertise can solve most of society’s problems.

There have been some successes – credit progressives and libertarians who have helped promote marginalized rights.

But the past half century has also seen the breakdown of the nuclear family, ongoing hopelessness and plague in many cities, and the failure of public schools to increase educational achievement despite a massive increase in per student spending.

While many African Americans entered the middle class since the 1960s, despite massive government interference, blacks lag behind other Americans on a variety of health and welfare measures.

The reasons for these errors are varied and complex. For example, the rise of a competitive global economy has shed jobs in manufacturing and depressed wages for the low skilled.

The bottom line, however, is that many progressive programs have failed to deliver on their promises of prosperity and opportunity for many of the groups they specifically sought to help.

This is a particular problem for Democrats as African Americans remain their central electoral base.

The verifiable flaws of their efforts explain why they have embraced the concept of systemic racism and, despite America’s significant strides toward social justice, have ceaselessly raised the alarm about white supremacy.

The message: our programs would have worked without rampant racism.

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They cannot change the facts and are working to change the definition of reality. President Biden codified this supposed style of government on his first day in office when he signed the Memorandum to Review the Modernization of Rules.

In seeking justifications for new controls on society, the government directed the authorities “to take full account of the regulatory benefits that are difficult or impossible to quantify”.

Difficult or impossible to quantify? Translation: Make ’em up. This is just the latest scary evidence that the party that claims to accept science, facts and truth is ideologically driven.

When you run a bogus society it’s no wonder you have to silence dissent.

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J. Peder Zane is an editor for RealClearInvestigations and a columnist for RealClearPolitics.

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