The DOJ von Biden asks SCOTUS to take away border wall and asylum instances from the calendar

The most specific of these changes was that Biden issued an executive order at the end of the first day The so-called “national emergency,” which his predecessor used as an excuse for building a racist border wall that Mexico never paid for (surprisingly for absolutely no one). Biden also ordered construction to cease within seven days (an order that private contractors initially appeared to oppose) while the new administration reviews the legality of the project. Lawyers complaining about the wall encouraged the new government to move on.

“We are relieved to see a pause in the construction of the wall while the Biden administration decides whether to defend Trump’s illegal and catastrophic national emergency declaration.Sierra Club attorney Gloria Smith said. “Ultimately, the destructive border wall must be torn down. By building a wall, the border communities were protected from environmental, cultural and health protection, thrown through tribal areas and burial sites and irreversible scars were left in the habitat of the wild animals and in the local cities. ”

Proponents have urged the Biden government to terminate all wall contract periods (which could be costly but is entirely at the government’s discretion) and stated that private contractors are already in place to prevent the demolition of the border areas after the Biden review period expires To resume government:


Wall construction teams have staged a steel-worth football field and are ready to climb into the Guadalupe Canyon. The moment the 60-day “hiatus” is over, they will be back to work leveling wilderness and pulverizing habitats for endangered species. @POTUS must finally terminate these contracts.

– Laiken Jordahl (@LaikenJordahl) January 30, 2021

The Biden Justice Department also asked the Supreme Court to remove the March 1 anti-asylum arguments in Mexico from its schedule. “The American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are questioning politics.” The groups said in a statement last fall, “That was blocked by a federal court in California last year but remained in effect due to court-ordered stays in the litigation.”

Although Biden has not yet completed the draconian program, he has stopped accepting new asylum seekers and directed his Department of Homeland Security to initiate a policy review:

“Biden’s policy reversals could now call both cases into question,” said SCOTUSblog. “Given the developments in both cases [Acting Solicitor General Elizabeth] Prelogar asked the judges to postpone the meeting schedule and suspend the oral presentation. In both cases, the groups questioning the guidelines agreed to their requests. “

“The deadly, wasteful and destructive border wall has not made the southern border communities safer, but has resulted in the destruction of wildlife, death and endangerment of people who seek refuge on our borders,” he said Vicki B. Gaubeca, Southern Border Communities coalition director. “It is time to rethink how we govern our borders and move away from the politics of mere enforcement towards a new border vision that upholds the human rights and dignity of all people who live, work and travel beyond our borders. ”

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