Tuesday Night time Owls: Rep. Sarbanes’ HR 1 Invoice would implement voting by way of e-mail and different voting reforms

Unlike the first draft of the bill, which was passed in March 2019 and likely to go nowhere in the Republican-controlled Senate, it also contains important provisions that would build on the success of a broad postal vote in the 2020 election. It would make absent-minded voting a national right and allow any American to vote by mail without giving a reason, as some states still require. It would prohibit states from getting voters to co-sign or notarize their postal ballots, removing an unnecessary barrier that makes it more difficult to vote from home. It would require that each county have a sufficient number of drop boxes for voters to return their completed ballot papers. The federal government would have to pay the entire postage for postal voting slips in advance to remove another obstacle to postal voting: the costs. It would require states to allow voters to deliver postal ballot papers at polling stations. And it would prevent states from enacting voter ID requirements to request a postal vote that Republicans in Georgia and Texas are now pushing for.

Together, these measures would improve the voting process in a myriad of ways – for example by removing the uncertainty that voters and elections faced last fall as local laws were litigated and requirements changed day by day. HR1 also has some of the best mechanisms in place to “prevent Republicans from voting and voting under the guise of security, all in response to their invented allegations of electoral fraud,” said Tammy Patrick, former Obama commissioner -President Commission on Election Administration. […]





If we had known 5 years ago that COVID-19 was 100% coming, we would have loved to have mobilized to mitigate, if not stop, it. Prevent the death of millions.

But the fact that the climate crisis is aiming to cause the deaths of millions of people makes me very doubtful.

– Dallas Goldtooth (@dallasgoldtooth) February 2, 2021


“One of the qualities of freedom is that as long as it is sought, it continues to expand. That is why the man who is in the middle of a fight and says, ‘I have it’ shows himself only because he has just lost it.” ~~Henrik Ibsen (1871)


That day at Daily Kos in 2010– Today you don’t hear, don’t say::

In what Carl Levin (D-MI) described as a “leadership profile,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen made a stirring personal statement today to support the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy . politics

But as expected, Defense Secretary Gates and Mullen announced during the Senate Armed Forces Committee hearing that the Pentagon would begin a year-long study to see how to end the military’s discriminatory “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

At the same time, several Republican opposition issues emerged: We cannot do this while we are in the middle of two wars. They understand that the Witnesses are only following orders from their left, or that Gates and Mullen are biased and inappropriately influencing their subordinates in order to achieve the desired results. Make your choice.

Why is it going to take a year to decide that “none of your damn business” is the only policy they need?

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