AOC’s Republican neighbor lies and adjustments her personal story to assault AOC’s honesty

I’m two doors away from @aoc and no insurgents stormed our hallway … “ Mace tweeted through a Fox News headline about her attack on Ocasio-Cortez on the matter – not the only Fox News headline aggressively attempting to discredit Ocasio-Cortez.

Okay … the first thing Ocasio-Cortez didn’t say was that insurgents were storming their hallway. Do not you believe me? You can check the video – about 42 minutes later. Or you can believe CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, who stated, “Ocasio-Cortez didn’t say there were insurgents in their hallway. She said she was generally afraid of what was going on, and particularly afraid of a Capitol police officer who looked angry and hadn’t made it clear that he was with law enforcement. “

This Dale fact check is in response to Mace not letting go of him. After AOC Maces “two doors down” attackdeeply cynical and disgusting “, Mace came back with” * FACT CHECK *. I never once excluded your fear. We were ALL scared that day. I’m telling the fact that insurgents were never in our hallway … because they weren’t. I deal with facts. In contrast to you, apparently. “

Again, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t say there were insurgents in the hallway. She was completely explicit about what happened and what didn’t, her reasons for the fear, and who was showing up in her office. Mace repeatedly refuses to dwell on the facts that Ocasio-Cortez has said.

Interestingly, Mace has told several versions of her story. On January 7, their home newspaper The State offered theMace said she barricaded herself in her DC office during the attack. Fearing Trump supporters she saw at her hotel might target her after she voted to confirm the votes, Mace said she decided to sleep in her office that night. “

But here is Mace on January 6th at 1:44 pm:


I just cleared my Cannon office because of a nearby threat. Now we see protesters attacking the Capitol Police.

This is wrong. This is not who we are. I am heartbroken for our nation today.

– Rep. Nancy Mace (@RepNancyMace) January 6, 2021

If AOC’s account is in any way suspicious for saying she was scared when a police officer walked into her office without identifying as a police officer while the Capitol was under attack, then how are we supposed to read Mace who said early January 6th did the attack mean that she “just cleared my office” only to tell reporters that she barricaded herself in her office?

We can be generous here: it was a long, scary day. Things got confusing. Mace may have barricaded herself in her office at one point and evacuated at another.

Or we can follow Mace’s example and accuse her of dishonesty. In fact, it’s much more reasonable to accuse Mace of dishonesty – Mace had to lie about what AOC said to attack her, while Mace really said two different things, and we can question Mace’s honesty based on her lie about Ocasio -Cortez. We know she’s lying. The only question is how many things.

Mace clearly assumed her party would turn against the insurgents on Jan. 6 and 7, and she wanted to be on board with the winning side. To achieve this, she was utterly appalled by the attack on the Capitol and its implications for the Republican Party. But when she saw that this wasn’t the winning side, she turned enthusiastically and attacked Ocasio-Cortez. Just as the Republican Party has shown us beyond question what it is and who its leaders are over the past few weeks, Nancy Mace shows us who it is. Believe what she shows us, not what she tells us.

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