Tomorrow D: Distinguished Democrat launches bid towards GOP congressmen in accordance with QAnon

Several other Democrats have expressed an interest in running, so Donovan may face a competitive nomination battle before taking on Boebert. One of them, Rep. Dylan Roberts, told the Colorado Sun that he was “still thinking about it” even though he had to face Donovan, with whom he is friends.

Campaign action

The biggest obstacle, however, is that the 3rd District in its current form is a very tough lawn for Democrats. While Joe Biden’s 55-42 national win was Team Blue’s best result in Colorado since LBJ’s landslide win in 1964, that western Colorado seat still favored Donald Trump 52-46. Boebert himself came out on top by a similar 51:45 lead last year, despite pro-democracy advertisements portraying them as too partisan, investigating their QAnon sympathies and many violations of the law.

Nobody knows what the Centennial State congressional map will look like next year, however. The redistribution is being carried out for the first time by an independent commission, and the likelihood of the state getting an extra seat in the House of Representatives only makes things more unpredictable.


IA Sen: While Republican Senator Chuck Grassley recently said he would announce in “several months” whether he would seek an eighth term, we could make his decision much sooner. Grassley told the Iowa media on Wednesday, “I don’t have a schedule for this, but I’d say there are several weeks off.”

NC Sen: Democratic MP Rachel Hunt told Morning Consult this week that she was not ruling out an offer for this open Senate seat and that she could decide after the end of the legislature in early July. Hunt is the daughter of Jim Hunt, who served as governor from 1977 to 1985 and from 1993 to 2001 twice.

Oh-Sen: On Thursday, former Ohio Department of Health director Amy Acton publicly admitted that she was considering an offer for the Democratic nomination for this open seat race. Acton added that she would be stepping down from her nonprofit position to take the time to “carefully explore” a campaign.

On the GOP side, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez said this week that it was “very, very, very unlikely” that he would join the campaign, but added, “I never close the door on anything.” Drawing on his background in college football and the NFL, Gonzalez explained:

“When coaches are having a good season, the media will ask about rumors that they will take a job with the Miami Dolphins. They will say ‘absolutely not’ and then take the job with the Miami Dolphins three weeks later. That looks silly. ” So I’m not going to play these games. You never say no This is my answer. “

Gonzalez enraged his party last month when he voted to indict Donald Trump. So we can very well see him taking this job with the Miami Dolphins before we see him in the Senate.

PA-Sen, PA-Gov: WHY reports that former US attorney William McSwain, whose term ended last month, spoke to local GOP leaders “in preparation for a possible campaign” for higher office. There’s still no word on whether McSwain prefers to run for governor or the U.S. Senate.


CA-Gov: While tech billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya announced last week that he would be replacing Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom if a special election to recall was held this year, Palihapitiya went back all of that Wednesday and said, “Let’s be really honest. I’m not ready to do any of this. “

While Palihapitiya did not specifically state that he would stay out of the campaign, he said he had to learn “what the conflict of interest laws are and what to do if all of this is to happen.” because I can’t make a credible decision if I don’t. “Palihapitiya also said he wouldn’t run if it meant giving up a battery project he is working on, adding,” It’s just like that. So I have to find out. “Palihapitiya didn’t make it clear what party he was going to be running with, and we may never find out now.

Meanwhile, former Republican MP Doug Ose said he was considering voting in a recall election. Ose, who represented a seat in the Sacramento region from 1999 to 2005, was last on the ballot in 2014 when he lost the country’s most expensive house race to Democratic incumbent Ami Bera with just 50.4-49.6. Ose briefly ran for governor in 2018, but left abruptly after failing to bring in much money.

However, it may be a while before anyone knows if there will be a recall election this year or if Newsom will stand in front of the voters the next time when he faces another four-year term in 2022. Politico reported Thursday that the county’s electoral authorities have confirmed that recall organizers have filed 600,000 valid signatures so far, meaning they will have to submit an additional 900,000 by March 17.

However, Newsom may still have the option to stop the recall even if its critics achieve that goal. Recall expert Joshua Spivak notes that should the Secretary of State determine in late April or early May that there are enough valid petitions to force a vote, there will be a 30-day window for voters to withdraw their names. In 2017, Newport Beach City Council Scott Peotter managed to put in enough withdrawals to stop efforts to oust him, and the governor could try something similar.

IA-Gov: This week, Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson did not rule out a possible campaign for the Democratic nomination against Republican Governor Kim Reynolds.

Thompson, whose jurisdiction includes Waterloo in the northeast corner of the state, said The courier that he had been encouraged by union leaders and members of the local community, but that he had no contact with the State party. He continued, “It’s not that I’m the right person at all, but someone from outside the Golden Dome – someone from outside of central Iowa who is able to give this race new perspective, new growth, and new.” Breath is probably what’s tempting, not Tony Thompson. “

IL-Gov: Todd Ricketts, co-owner of Chicago Cubs, was recently reappointed finance chairman of the Republican National Committee Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet writes that he is “not seriously” considering an offer against Democratic Governor JB Pritzker. Politico reported in December that Ricketts was not ruling out a campaign privately, but has shown no apparent interest since.

MN-Gov: On Thursday, Lexington Mayor Mike Murphy became the first notable Republican to announce an offer against Democratic Governor Tim Walz. Murphy leads a tiny suburb of Twin Cities with only about 2,000 residents, so in a potentially crowded competition he can’t count on a large geographic base of support.

SC-Gov, SC-Sen: Colombia Mayor Steve Benjamin said Thursday that he would not run for another term as leader of the South Carolina capital this year, and although he still has not said no, to the Democratic governor nomination the next Year to go for it doesn’t sound likely to do it.

Benjamin, who anticipated his announcement by tweeting: “No … I am not announcing a run for the governor,” told the AP that, although he did not rule out seeking an elected office again, he wanted to use his free time, to focus on his family and legal career. Benjamin made it clear, however, that he would not challenge Republican Senator Tim Scott.


NJ-05: Nicholas D’Agostino, president of the Wantage School Board, announced Wednesday that he would seek the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic MP Josh Gottheimer. This seat, like many neighboring areas in Northern Jersey, has moved to the left in recent years: According to new data from the daily Kos elections, this constituency fluctuated from 49-48 Trump to 52-47 Biden.

OH-11: Former Democratic MP John Barnes said Thursday that he would run to succeed MP Marcia Fudge if she was confirmed as secretary for housing and urban development. Barnes joins a primary field in this sure-blue seat that includes former states Sens. Shirley Smith and Nina Turner. Shontel Brown, councilor for Cuyahoga County; and ex-Cleveland City Councilor Jeff Johnson.

Seth Richardson of notes that Barnes has had a close relationship with the state’s party leaders for years. The State party approved its main enemy in 2014, despite Barnes holding on 54-46. Later that year, Barnes filed a libel suit against the party for allegedly sending mailers during the nomination battle that he claimed contained false statements against him, despite a jury declining in 2016.

Barnes, who was expelled from the lower chamber in 2018, decided to challenge Kenny Yuko, the Senate minority leader, in this year’s primary, but Yuko won 59-41.

SC-07: On Wednesday, Horry County School Board Chairman Ken Richardson became the first Republican to launch a primary campaign against incumbent Tom Rice, who was recently censored by the State party for his voice on charges against Donald Trump. Richardson is the former owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealership which, according to the Post & couriermade him “famous” in the Myrtle Beach area.

A number of other Republicans are considering campaigning against Rice, including the recently formed MP William Bailey and the State House majority whip Russell Fry. A runoff would take place if no candidate received a majority of the votes in the area code, so a split box may not prove helpful to the incumbent.

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