The Republicans of the Home turned Q’s social gathering this week. The Democrats will not let the voters overlook in 2022

In its opening volley for control of the House in 2022, the Democratic Campaigning Committee released a campaign indicting House Republicans of “standing with Q not you”. The ad puts the cult of conspiracy at the center of the deadly January 6 riot, saying that QAnon “instigated a mob with Donald Trump that attacked the Capitol and murdered a police officer.”

House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi previewed the strategy this week when she tweeted GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy as “Qevin McCarthy, Q-CA”. McCarthy lived up to the nickname by refusing to remove Greene from her committee appointments and forcing his caucus to stand up for someone who not only advocates for QAnon, but also verbally advocates the execution of Pelosi and other Democrats and survivors attacked the mass shooting in 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. And frankly, that’s just a taste of Greene’s hideous quacks.

The House Democrats are betting they will not play well in the counties likely to rule control of the House for the second half of President Joe Biden’s tenure.

“If Kevin McCarthy wants to take his party to a “crazy town” and follow these dangerous ideas. He shouldn’t expect to do well in the next election, ”said Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, the new chairman of the Democratic Campaigns Committee, Politico said. “They can do QAnon, or they can do college-educated voters. You cannot do both. “

According to Politico, the DCCC is $ 500,000 for TV and digital The advertising campaign is running in the districts of seven people at risk Republicans: Representatives Mike Garcia, Young Kim, and Michelle Steel of California; Maria Elvira Salazar from Florida; Don Bacon from Nebraska; Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania; and Beth Van Duyne from Texas.

The Democrats’ early decision to nationalize the race is a notable departure from their strategy in 2018 when they launched a hyperlocalized message about healthcare that ultimately earned them a historic 41 seats. This strategy, of course, was driven by the GOP’s repeated efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have deprived millions of Americans of their coverage.

The backdrop to this decision was the horrific events of January 6, a riot in the Capitol that Americans could not even have imagined before watching in horror as it played out in real time on screens across the country. A Yahoo News / YouGuv poll released this week found that 81% of Americans said the attack was not justified. And MOre as 9 out of 10 Americans expressed dislike of the attack, saying they felt “angry”, “ashamed” or “fearful”.

Democrats will now have a multi-week trial against the Senate to remind people of this aversion and how the GOP signed up to this deadly attack before, during, and after its implementation through their relentless support for Trump’s lies and their embrace of extremist groups like QAnon .

The Democrats are betting that after delivering results on COVID-19 relief, they can step into 2022 and say that the Democrats stood with the American people while the Republicans stood with QAnon.

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