Democrats announce funeral companies for low-income households who’ve misplaced family members to COVID-19

“This pandemic has not hit all of us equally,” Ocasio-Cortez said, as reported by local NBC New York outlet. “It hit black families hard, it hit front workers hard, it hit immigrant families extremely hard, working class families. It hit disproportionately according to race and class lines. “According to Ocasio-Cortez’s Twitter, funding includes undocumented people.

“If you’re a family that couldn’t afford it or just had to stretch and get by without rent or food or anything else, you can give your loved ones a decent funeral and funeral,” Schumer said. “You can get a refund up to $ 7,000. “Given what we know about unemployment (and underemployment) and how the novel coronavirus has devastated color communities and low-income people, this reimbursement is no small feat.

As a Schumer spokesman said in a statement reported in the New York Daily News, “families across New York, especially in color communities … have already paid the final price.” These remedies provide at least some relief from the financial pain and stress associated with a loved one’s funeral.

Here’s a clip from Ocasio-Cortez announcing funding in Queens on Monday.

And a clip from Schumer speaking at the same press conference.

And here is the full press conference.

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