“An rebel president”: Home Dem calls Trump’s impeachment an open case

MP Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) described Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings against the ex-president as an open and closed process against the ex-president.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Rep. Jackson Lee explained Trump’s lengthy process, which demonstrated his lack of respect for democracy and the rule of law, especially when it came to accepting the 2020 election results.

“He predicted that he might not allow a peaceful transfer of power,” said the Democratic legislature. “He never admitted he obeyed the law and order of this nation, and he was right.”

“He clearly became an insurgent president,” she added.


MP Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) calls Trump an “insurgent president” who never respected American democracy.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) February 9, 2021

MP Jackson Lee said:

I’ve now seen four impeachment trials, including one for a judge. And as the 2016 elections went on, it was evident that this campaign and this President and this person, Donald J. Trump, had a disrespect … for democracy, for order, for aw and order, for respect, for dignity and him has pushed the campaign straight into the United States Presidency. This was evidenced by his ruthless commitment to Russia, his invitation to the Russian Ambassador, if you will, to the White House, through the leaking of classified information, fighting with people of different races, and insulting African American women, Congressional Black Caucus members as well as other members of Congress. He was just disrespectful and he was clearly someone who wasn’t Lincoln-esque, he had no respect for democracy and this continued, as demonstrated by his actions with Ukraine and his obvious discussion with the President of Ukraine about what you are for can do me. That, of course, led to his prediction. He predicted that he might not allow a peaceful transfer of power. He was asked several times during the election campaign and was slippery, but he is never precise, he never admitted he adhered to the law and order of this nation, and he was right. And he went on to talk about the election stolen months after November. He clearly became an insurgent president.

Trump is clearly guilty of instigating the January 6 attack

Given how broken the modern Republican Party is, getting enough votes in the Senate to condemn Donald Trump will likely be a climb for impeachment managers.

But that doesn’t mean that the case against Trump isn’t strong. In fact, Trump’s guilt is clear even if the GOP refuses to acknowledge it with its votes.

For months, Trump constructed a dangerous lie about the theft of the election, all because he was emotionally incapable of and is unable to accept defeat. This lie excited his followers for weeks until they finally showed up in DC and fought back as the ex-president ordered.

If Donald Trump had simply recognized – like an adult – that he had lost the election and admitted with dignity to Joe Biden, the January 6th events would never have happened and those who died in the attack would still be alive.

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