CNN’s Don Lemon tells Trump supporters they can not help Trump and urge respect for the police

On Tuesday, CNN’s anti-Trump host Don Lemon said those who stand with former President Donald Trump have no right to tell others to respect the police.

Lemon made his comments on his CNN program “Tonight”.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen says Republicans “should have been ashamed of the fact that after seeing this video they still voted not to continue this process,” adds that it suggests that they are genuinely afraid of themselves face the facts or be afraid … of their constituent parts. “

– CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) February 10, 2021

Lemon attacks police Trump voters

After showing the video presented Tuesday of the House impeachment executives’ Capitol Hill attack, Lemon said, “Blue Lives Matter, eh?”

The video showed some of the mob action when the protests turned violent. Police officers trying to hold back protesters were injured when protesters tried to break the police lines and enter the exterior doors of the Capitol.

Lemon appeared to be speaking to Trump supporters and continued, “Law and order, law and order, respect the flags, respect law enforcement. Why don’t you just follow “

“Don’t you dare say that again when you stand by after this video and can give a pass to Donald Trump, Donald Trump … and his mob, of all people,” Lemon said.

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The CNN host then implied that anyone who supports Trump has no right to defend “law and order” and the police again.

“If you can do that, I never want to hear that again,” said Lemon. “I don’t want to hear that from you.”

“I don’t want to hear any family values ​​from you,” he continued. “I don’t want to hear any respect from the police from you. I don’t wanna hear “

The scholar says Trump’s lawyers misrepresented impeachment defenses.

“If someone [cites] An authority and you go and look and the authority says the opposite of what they cite for which the lawyers reflect very badly, “says Brian Kalt, law professor

– CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) February 10, 2021

Lemon: ‘no moral height to stand on’

Lemon insisted that Trump’s supporters had no moral standing to demand moral behavior from others.

“Not a moral height to stand on,” said Lemon. “Look who’s on your side there. There have been many lies. “

“We warned you about all the lies,” Lemon finished.

The lies. “

Isn’t Don Lemon a personality at a cable socket who for years promoted the Russian collusion fraud?

All the liberal media outlets on CNN and MSNBC that lied about Russian Hoax & Nick Sandman are still on the air while those raising concerns about electoral integrity are canceled? @ LouDobbs will find a new home and audiences will follow, but this #CancelCulture has to end.

– Jim DeMint (@JimDeMint) February 6, 2021

CNN spent years promoting the Russian collusion conspiracy theory

The journalist Glenn Greenwald reported in 2017: “Three prominent journalists Resigned Monday Night after the network was forced to back out and apologize for a story linking Trump’s ally Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian mutual fund under investigation in Congress. “

“This article was based on a single anonymous source, like so many reports from Russia in the US media, and now the network cannot vouch for the accuracy of its central claims,” ​​noted Greenwald.

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Don Lemon was part of the Trump-Russia conspiracy choir for a long time.

Commenting on the 2017 CNN story, Greenwald noted, “Embarrassments of this kind are literally too numerous to count when it comes to hyped, viral US media coverage of last year’s threat to Russia.”

In addition, CNN was the subject of a massive lawsuit over misreporting of Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.

Sandmann and his fellow students were beaten by the media for wearing MAGA hats at the March for Life 2019 rally in Washington, DC, where they faced counter-protesters.

CNN personalities Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo accused the students.

Lemon explained, “The MAGA hat has a certain connotation that provokes a conditional response in many people, especially marginalized people. Your supervisors should be very aware of this. These children should know. And let’s say the kids didn’t do it because they’re kids. Your supervisors should be responsible enough to educate them. ”

Sandmann then sued CNN for $ 275 million, and the network later settled on an undisclosed amount.

Don Lemon has no right or moral standing to correct others about “lies” or almost anything else.

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