Wednesday night time owls: younger activists shift focus to “intersectional environmental safety”

“Racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice – it’s all climate justice,” wrote Nikayla Jefferson, organizer and PhD student of the Sunrise Movement, in a November comment entitled “It’s our party now”. “This is no longer just the white climate children’s movement – this is an intersectional movement for justice.”

Intersectional environmental protection – yes it is One sip – is true for many young environmental activists today. The Uptick in its use dates back to this past spring, shortly after the death of George Floyd. Eco-influencer Leah Thomas, commonly known as Green Girl Leah, posted on Instagram last May asked environmentalists to reinforce and recognize racial differences in their own organizations. “I urge environmentalists to show solidarity with the black living matter movement and the black, indigenous + POC communities that are affected by social and ecological injustice on a daily basis,” she wrote. “Please swipe to learn more about intersectional environmental protection and accept the promise.”

Apparently overnight, Thomas said she had over 100,000 new Instagram followers, most of them young people. “For Gen Z, for whatever reason, the intersectionality just clicks,” Thomas told Grist. […]


George Shultz, the godfather of the discredited Laffer curve, by Bruce Bartlett. The late Secretary of State helped bring an economic monster to Washington.

The New Deal brought a large number of unemployed artists to work, by Ellen Engelstad. New Deal job programs have not only absorbed unemployment, but have enabled thousands of artists and writers to work on ambitious creative projects. Funding from the Works Progress Administration enabled a golden age in US culture – but it led to vicious anti-communist attacks and a taste of McCarthyism.

Larry Summers is still worth ignoring, by Jeet Lord. The former child prodigy tries to move into the limelight with an attention-grabbing argument.




“Diversity is what happens when you represent different groups in one place. Representation is what happens when groups that were not previously included are included. Intersectionality is what happens when we do everything through the lens to make sure no one is left behind. Intersectionality is more than involving at the surface level or just making sure everyone is represented. It is the practice of questioning the dynamics of power and the rationalities of our being together. “
~~ Alicia Garza, The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart (2020)


That day at Daily Kos in 2011– Household GOP meltdown due to budget cuts:

Basically we see two factions in the GOP these days, the ORCs and the YATs.

The first are the Opportunist Republican Cynics (ORCs) and they are still the dominant faction. Run by John Boehner, they are basically the same people who drove America’s economy under George W. Bush. They have regained power thanks to the tea parties, Fox News, and a willingness to mimic the doomsday teahadist rhetoric of spending and debt, but they also understand that it would be a political catastrophe of epic proportions to obey what they did had promised. The problem for ORCs is that they have nothing else to offer because the last time they were allowed to make political decisions for the GOP they thoroughly discredited the party.

The other faction are the Yelling Angry Teahadists (YATs). They don’t control the GOP leadership, but there are enough of them that the GOP needs them to maintain its majority. The YATs believe everything they said during the campaign about how Obama is the second coming of Karl Marx and how spending is destroying America. They really believe that the only way to save America is to get rid of the deficit, and they believe that the deficit can be made up by instantly cutting spending by hundreds of billions of dollars. And they believe the rest of America will agree with them. YATs are the only Republicans who are really excited, but that’s mainly because the reality test hasn’t discredited their ideas.

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