Rachel Maddow tells GOP senators that the vote to acquit Trump will result in extra MAGA terrorism

Rachel Maddow warned Republican senators Thursday that if they exempt Donald Trump in impeachment proceedings against the Senate, they will only invite more MAGA terrorism.

The MSNBC host said it was clear that Trump has no regrets triggering the Jan. 6 MAGA attack on the U.S. Capitol, and if the Senate doesn’t condemn him, it will almost guarantee the ex-president will will do again.

“There’s really no reason to believe that the threat is over, especially if the senators vote to acquit the former president, assuring him that it will have no consequences for him,” Maddow said.

“Of course he will try again,” she added. “I mean why shouldn’t he?”


“There’s really no reason to believe the threat is over, especially if senators vote to acquit the former president,” Rachel Maddow said Thursday. #maddow

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) February 12, 2021

Maddow said:

I think the worst argument today was the argument that we heard from several property managers in different ways that there really is no reason to believe the threat is over, especially if senators vote to acquit the former president, thereby making sure that there is no consequence for him from doing this. Then of course he will try again. I mean why shouldn’t he? The country is talking about it and trying to deal with it as an incredible tragedy, a disaster with great ramifications for our country and for our democracy, including, as I said, for our standing in the world. But there is no sign that President Trump even sees it that way. There is no sign that he has any problem with that he has done this before.

The GOP already has blood on its hands

While impeachment managers warn of future political violence if the Senate does not condemn Donald Trump, it’s important to remember that the GOP already has blood on its hands.

After all, Republican lawmakers have ignored or laughed at the former president’s dangerous rhetoric for four years. These spineless GOP senators would roam the halls of Congress pretending they hadn’t heard of Trump’s recent Twitter outbreak or scandal – all because they wanted tax cuts and judges.

Once it became clear that Joe Biden had won the election last November, the GOP could have ended Trump’s big lie about the race stolen from him immediately. They could have tried to lower the nation’s political temperature and moved on.

Instead, they humored Trump. Some even accepted his lies and participated in the coup attempt. This refusal to put the country first is in part why January 6th came about in the first place.

And if they let Donald Trump off the hook again by voting for acquittal, it will almost certainly happen again.

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