Three “very pleasant” Republican senators met with Trump’s protection attorneys

How badly do Graham, Lee, and Cruz think Trump’s lawyers will screw up their defense arguments? Furthermore, how concerned are you that some Republicans have been convinced of the House impeachment executives case? All but six Republicans have already voted against the impeachment trial on the blatantly bogus reason that it is unconstitutional, and given them an excuse to vote for the acquittal without getting into the substance of what Trump did in the first place.

Sens. Roy Blunt and Marco Rubio, for example, hold on to this claim. “My view is unchanged on whether or not we have the authority to do so, and I am certainly not bound by the fact that 56 people believe we are,” said Blunt. “I can cast my vote and I believe that a former president cannot be indicted. And when the former president has done something that was illegal, there is a process for it. “

And Rubio: “The fundamental question for me, about which I know nothing for everyone else, is whether impeachment is suitable for someone who is no longer in office. I don’t think so. “

Do Cruz, Lee, and Graham think Schön and the immediately notorious idiot Bruce Castor need their advice to match the forecast for a very shortened day of fighting? Or are they still trying so pathetically to suck up Trump? They seem to have caught the attention of his inner circle. Sleazeball advisor Jason Miller repeatedly mentioned her involvement in Newsmax and made it absolutely clear that the Senators were there to work the case for Trump. “It was a real honor to have these senators and give us some additional ideas,” he said.

Republican senators have this “non-constitutional” deception to hide behind, and they do it forcefully. They have States parties ready to attack them as soon as they step out of line. Donald Trump has his own defense lawyers, if not the main talent of conservative law. And as of Thursday, he officially has three of the people who vowed to practice impartial justice and actively develop strategies to help him get out.

On the flip side, the House impeachment managers had the truth about what had happened, and it was too powerful for Republicans to ignore entirely. But that will probably not be enough.

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