Thursday Evening Owls: Some media shops appear to have forgotten that the primary impeachment was additionally lower and dried

The video was so damned that it short-circuited the hardwired impulse from political reporters to be ambiguous, to water down and, above all, to hear both sides. The visual evidence on display – aided by the incompetent performance of Trump’s defense lawyers – rendered the Republicans’ case irrelevant. How did they compete with such moving documentary evidence? The video received such rave reviews that it would surely get a 100 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes if it had been released in theaters. Trump’s own impeachment attorneys praised it during their opening speech. Even Steve Bannon was impressed!

However, the video was so compelling that it led reporters and analysts into flawed historical revisionism. The second impeachment trial is an open case, they said; the first not so much. The truth was that the first impeachment trial was taking place Likewise open and closed, and the fact that it is no longer seen as such, shows the extent to which the Republican narrative continues to dominate Washington coverage. […]





I have studied every impeachment process in our history. No impeachment has ever been so skillfully prosecuted in the Senate. In no previous impeachment has a conviction been so overwhelmingly justified. Now the Senate is on trial. To acquit himself, Donald J. Trump must condemn it.

– Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) February 11, 2021


“Many social justice activists – many feminists – continue to work against one form of oppression while feeding the flames of another without realizing the need to turn off the blowtorch behind the flames before we can hope to put out the result of fire . “
~~ Lisa Kemmerer, Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice (2011)


That day at Daily Kos in 2008– Laura Bush: Hillary’s criticism is unlimited:

Mrs. Bush, forgive me if I think that Mrs. Clinton was exposed to a little more personal humiliation and vitriol from the “compassionate conservative” side of the aisle during President Clinton’s tenure than your husband is today (and with much more grace and Class) than him, I might add). Her intimate life was combed with glee by opponents during and after the Lewinsky scandal; It was and is the target of one of the most misogynistic, misogynistic rhetoric on the American scene.

Many women in Mrs. Clinton’s circumstances would have fired their philandering spouses and sneaked into a corner of Montana to spend the rest of their lives in a Chardonnay lake. Instead, she ran for political office and won. She’s not, and has never positioned herself to be a member of any mythical former First Ladies Club where you, Mrs. Bush, can catch up with chits.

She is a working opposition senator and managing your husband for her lies, deceit and incompetence is her job as part of these curious controls.

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