The Trump Impeachment Course of is a monsoon of crap – why I refuse to take a look at it

By J. Peder Zane for RealClearPolitics

I categorically refuse to pursue the impeachment process. Paying full attention to this charade would legitimize the corruption of our constitution.

Switching on would be a tacit acceptance of the BS blizzard that buried national discourse.

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Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016 at the latest, Democrats and their media allies have demanded that we view their compromises and lies as a haughty pursuit of the truth. Consider:

When they insisted that Trump was a Russian asset, we were told to believe they were ensuring national security. When they accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault and even gang rape, we were told to believe they were protecting the Supreme Court. When they made Trump the third indicted president in history in 2019 – and the only one not accused of guilty of a major felony or misdemeanor – we were told to believe they were defending the rule of law. When numerous BLM protests turned violent last summer, they told us to believe that the gatherings were largely peaceful. When antifa thugs destroyed property, beat citizens, and occupied public land, they told us to believe the group didn’t even exist. When some undefined, disconnected people on the internet seemed to be subscribing to crazy conspiracy theories with Satan and pedophiles, they told us to believe it was a huge and highly organized group called QAnon trying to overthrow the government. When they argued that “white” and “white privilege” are the cause of America’s problems, they told us to believe they were trying to heal the nation. When they censored the Biden family’s allegations of corruption, they told us to believe they were fighting disinformation. When they allowed Twitter mobs to destroy people who once said something they disagreed with or disliked, they told us to believe they were seeking justice. And when they demonize and silence the tens of millions of people who oppose their pursuit of domination, tell us to believe that they are seeking unity.

These are just 10 examples; There are dozens of others.

Starting from their positions of power in Washington, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and in academia, progressives constantly produce false narratives that offend sanity and decency and demand that we accept them as virtuous.

You are an extremely dangerous type – dubious people who are dead serious. I refuse to submit.

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J. Peder Zane is an editor for RealClearInvestigations and a columnist for RealClearPolitics.

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