Monday night time owls. Reich: Will the US lastly bury Reaganism with Trump?

The first is the supposedly pervasive threat of inflation and the associated concern that public spending can easily overheat the economy.

Rubbish. Inflation has not risen in years, not even during the rapid labor market of 2018 and 2019. “Overheating” may no longer even be a problem for globalized high-tech economies, whose goods and services are so easily interchangeable.

Biden’s ambitious plans are definitely worth the low risk. If you haven’t noticed, the American economy is getting more unequal every day. Cooking can be the only way to raise lower half wages. The hope is that record low interest rates and huge public spending will create enough demand that employers will have to raise wages to find the workers they need.

Some Democratic economists, who should know better, are sounding the alarm about inflation, but Biden wisely ignores them. Democrats in Congress too.

Another conservative bromide is that greater government debt will crowd out private investment and slow growth. That view hampered the Clinton and Obama administrations when deficit hawks warned against public spending that was not accompanied by tax increases to pay for. (I still have some old injuries from those hawks.)

Fortunately, Biden won’t buy that either. […]


Meet the undercover anti-fascists, by Andy Kroll. Embedded in the team of anti-fascist researchers and activists who infiltrate and expose proud boys, neo-Nazis, militias and other members of right-wing extremist violence.

The inside story of how the Pentagon blocked efforts to end the Iraq war, by Matthew Petti

“Lazy”, “money-oriented”, “single mother”: How anti-union companies compile employee dossiers by Lauren Kaori Gurley. Leaked files from IRI Consultants, a top union prevention company hired by Google, show how data on workers’ personality, motivation and morale is being collected in order to destroy unions.




Definitely the coolest wolf pack footage we’ve ever captured! What’s better is that this package is one of the most distant and elusive packages that we are investigating. It is a challenge to get a video of individual wolves from this pack, let alone the entire pack traveling! (1/2)

– Travelers Wolf Project (@VoyaWolfProject) February 15, 2021


“I know what it’s like to stand on food stamps and put together health care for my daughter and me. I have had many experiences that could help my district. Every day Americans are starving or unable to get medical care. Not to mention the homeless or veterans who don’t get the help they need. We must fight on behalf of everyone in this country. The more people we have in office who can relate to things that happen to Americans every day, the better off we will be. “
~~ Rep. Debra Haaland, “Indians take power” (February 2019)


That day at Daily Kos in 2018– EPA, researchers and congressmen are trying to protect truck manufacturers from domination to control pollution from murderers:

They call them “gliders”. They are large rigs that are built and sold without engines, gears or rear axles. Then they are supplied with these items from salvage yards and destroyed trucks, and the engines are completely rebuilt to the core. Reconditioned engines that, thanks to a loophole, do not have to comply with the emission limits for diesel-powered trucks, as they were originally built before 2001. Motors according to the Environmental Protection Agency Spit 43-55 times more emissions than other new large plants.

About 4 percent of the U.S. trucking market is currently made up of sailplanes – about 10,000 vehicles per year – in part due to attempts to bypass the 2010 diesel emissions rule for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, which is a rule that kills NOx – and PM emissions from large oil rigs annually 1,600 people prematurely from cancer and asthma attacks.

Since 2010, according to the Ministry of Transport, sales of gliders increased tenfold from 2010 to 2015. With its authority under the Clean Air Act, the Obama administration tried to close this gap in an updated emissions rule in 2015 by capping the number of glider kits sold annually to 300.

In November, a month before the rule came into effect, the Trump regime, in the person of EPA-hating EPA chief Scott Pruitt, exempted three sailplane manufacturers on the grounds that the agency had no authority to restrict sales in this way. And he opened a 60-day public comment period on the prospect of the EPA abolishing the annual sailplane cap. This comment period is now over.

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