Robert De Niro’s ultra-luxury eating places have drawn tens of millions in COVID-19 support funds

According to a report on Monday, wealthy anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro took coronavirus money from the government to pay for expenses at its numerous high-end restaurants around the world.

This reportedly included his luxury restaurant Nobu in London.

According to Yahoo! De Niro was worth at least $ 300 million in 2018.

Take from the poor, give to the rich.

– SileER (@SileER) February 15, 2021

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Taxpayers Watchdog: “This money ultimately comes from taxpayers”

The Daily Mail reported that De Niro’s expensive London restaurant Nobu took enough money to help the UK government support coronavirus pandemics to cover 80 percent of his restaurant’s running costs.

A government report shows Nobu received money.

“The restaurant has been closed since March 21, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, and reopened on May 6, 2020 to offer limited dining service provided by the company within the recommended health and safety guidelines issued during the Covid -19 pandemic, e.g. B. Take-away food, ”the government report said.

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The restaurant told UK government officials that it “expects a significant drop in profitability in 2020 due to significantly reduced revenue”.

Commenting on the money sent to Nobu, John O’Connell, CEO of the Taxpayers’ Alliance surveillance group, told Daily Mail readers, “The government has rightly cast a wide net to trap everyone affected by this coronavirus crisis could. “

“But recipients should keep in mind that this money ultimately comes from taxpayers and assistance should only be sought when it is really needed,” he added.

Nobu restaurants supported by De Niro took out more than a dozen PPP loans on

– CNBC (@CNBC) July 6, 2020

De Niro restaurants also received US PPP money

Which begs the question: why should taxpayers – many of whom have been thrown from work themselves by standstills or strict rules – have to give their money to De Niro and its restaurants?

And it’s not just UK taxpayers who are paying the bill.

In July, it was reported that the anti-Trump actor’s Nobu chain had taken over $ 28 million from the U.S. paycheck protection program.

CNBC reported, “The Nobu group of luxury sushi restaurants and hotels has taken out 14 loans from the US small business aid program for up to $ 28 million, according to government records.”

“The chain, founded by actor Robert De Niro, celebrity chef Nobuyuki“ Nobu ”Matsuhisa, and film producer Meir Teper, received funding for real estate across the country, from California to Texas and New York Data published Monday, ”remarked CNBC.

De Niro’s anti-Trump political comments

Back in May 2020, De Niro joked that he would play the embattled New York Governor Cuomo in a film about the COVID lockdowns.

These are the bans that required the government payments that De Niro companies received.

De Niro told the BBC: “Cuomo has done a great job. He did what Trump should have done, but he has no idea how to do it. ”

Cuomo is currently under serious fire from its own Democratic Legislature for reports that it has been covering up the true number of unnecessary COVID deaths due to his nursing home policies.

Senator Jessica Ramos said of Cuomo: “People died and Cuomo lied, then he had the gall to write a book.”

De Niro’s report of publicly beating Trump is also quite lengthy.

At the American Icon Awards in May 2019, De Niro said on stage, “You didn’t think you’d get away without a fucking Trump moment, did you?”

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In MSNBC’s The Last Word in June, De Niro said, “I definitely look forward to the president going to jail.”

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