The Ted Cruz fiasco is an efficient reminder: By no means apologize to the mob

Look, I’ll be the first person in the world to admit that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), flying to Cancun in the middle of a one-time winter emergency in his home state of Texas, was not looking good.

I don’t think a sane person would bother arguing that the optics weren’t terrible.

Also, Cruz didn’t help himself by offering a series of half-explanations and half-excuses. From a purely PR perspective, Cruz totally botched this – there’s no doubt about that.

However, this over-hyped Cruz fiasco is a fond reminder of two incredibly important lessons for conservatives to come.

First, if you are a conservative who finds yourself in hot water with the mob for a half-hearted reason – don’t apologize. Never apologize to the crowd.

Second, if you are a conservative opinion leader who sees a situation where the mob is coming for one of us – don’t help the mob. Under no circumstances should conservative thought leaders do the preparatory work of the left.

Imagine if the NYT had put so much effort into investigating Hunter Biden.

– Chris Barron @ (@ChrisRBarron) February 19, 2021

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Cruz’s transgressions are all about optics. There was nothing more Cruz could do for Texas by staying in Texas. His only sin was perception.

Cruz and any conservative guilty of public relations crime must understand that no apology will appease the left-wing mob and its media allies.

The only real option for Cruz in this situation was to fight back after opting for this Cancun trip.

Instead of offering a series of half-hearted excuses and apologies, Cruz should have told the left and the media to push it. He should have focused on the fact that Cruz from Texas could do nothing more than get out of a hotel in Mexico.

He should have pointed out the absolute hypocrisy of the left – Democrats after Democrats flaunted their own COVID shutdown regulations. Cruz should make it clear that he will not criticize these hypocrites.

If the shoe were on the other foot and it was a Democratic member from Texas flying to Cancun, it wouldn’t even be a national story.

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The media would actually do the trick for the Democrat – explaining to viewers and readers how exaggerated the story was and how there was nothing the member could do for Texas if they stayed in Texas.

So, Lesson 1 is never an excuse to the crowd.

Lesson 2 is just as important to conservative thought leaders as Lesson 1: In the event that someone on our part finds itself in a “scandal” that has nothing to do with actual politics and only optics – never under any Under these circumstances do the work of the left by attacking one of our own.

Frankly, this shouldn’t be that difficult to understand, and in fact I find it confusing that this lesson needs to be taught even to the people on our side. The left doesn’t need anyone to teach them this lesson.

Not only will they never participate in the assassination of any of their own people embroiled in a public relations crisis, but they will also be reluctant to criticize any of their own if their actions resulted in people being killed (see New York Governor , Andrew Cuomo).

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The left realizes that the task of attacking the left is best left to its opponents on the right.

Too many on our side do not understand this, however, and hurry to be the first to “condemn” someone on our side who is guilty of nothing but offending the sensitivity of the left.

Almost every time Donald Trump said something that the left found offensive, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and a bunch of spineless Republicans rushed to find a microphone or reporter to “denounce” the comments.

This behavior was and is as idiotic as it is self-destructive.

No – the media has just shown AGAIN that it is in control and is extremely biased.

They gave Cruz more coverage than Hunter Biden Laptop & Cuomo Nursing Home Policy COMBINED.

It’s disgusting.

– Abigail Marone (@abigailmarone) February 19, 2021

Ted Cruz should probably have avoided all this turmoil by not going to Cancun first – and someone on his staff should have made it clear to him that the downward path outweighed the upward trend.

Once the decision was made, Cruz shouldn’t have apologized and no one on our side should have pile up.

We will never make the left happy. No matter how much we apologize or how many times we are willing to judge one of our own, so don’t try.

Every four years or so, Democrats and their maids in the old media lament the old-time GOP – of course, the same GOP that was filled with Nazis and bigots four years earlier when they told you.

– Chris Barron @ (@ChrisRBarron) February 19, 2021

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