Trump’s monetary crime unravels when the Manhattan DA Subpoenas NYC Tax Company

The Manhattan Attorney’s Office has advanced its fraud investigation against Donald Trump’s company by submitting a subpoena to the New York Tax Commission.

According to Reuters, “Manhattan prosecutors cited a New York real estate tax authority as part of a criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s company, confirmed the agency on Friday, and suggested that the prosecutor consider the former president’s efforts to reduce his commercial realities. Estate taxes for possible evidence of fraud. “

More from the report:

The subpoena to the New York Tax Commission is the latest indication that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. is investigating the values ​​Trump assigned to some commercial properties in tax returns and loan documents.

Along with information already subpoenaed by creditors, the tax authority’s documents would help investigators determine if Trump’s business has increased the value of his properties to ensure favorable terms on loans while lowering those values ​​to reduce tax burdens lower the same real estate.

News that the Manhattan prosecutor filed a subpoena to the New York Tax Commission comes after reports that the prosecutor has recruited an organized crime federal attorney to help with the Trump investigation.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out on Friday, “The Trumps are being investigated because they are literally an organized crime family.”

Trump is more likely to end up in the big house than in the White House

Since Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden last November – quite a humiliating feat considering how seldom incumbent presidents lose re-election bids – there has been talk of running again in 2024.

But three years is a life in politics, and the mountain of legal troubles down Trump’s path – not to mention his health and age – is likely to be an immovable roadblock to the ashamed former president.

With multiple investigations swirling around him and his corrupt family, Donald Trump is more likely to end up in the big house than the White House.

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