Vacationers from Louisiana have been arrested for making an attempt to bribe their approach out of quarantine in Hawaii

To avoid this quarantine, White reportedly offered an airport screener $ 2,000 to enter, and Bailey offered an additional $ 1,000 for both of them without having to meet the mandatory quarantine. The airport screener alerted the deputy sheriffs, and both White and Bailey were arrested for bribery. According to the Hawaiian Department of Public Security and the Attorney General’s Office, the two were flown back immediately after their booking and release.

Although there are fewer COVID-19 cases than states in mainland America, Hawaii has set up a pre-travel testing program called the Safe Travel Programto curb the spread of COVID-19 after a surge in tourism-related cases.

The state’s Safe Travels program requires all visitors to complete a health form and take a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to scheduled departure. Travelers undergo a temperature check upon arrival. With a negative test result, visitors can skip a 10-day quarantine, which is mandatory for most islands in the state. Those arrested did not have this exception.

According to Hawaiian authoritiesAnother man, a 44-year-old Michigan man, was arrested last Friday for violating the quarantine. In an attempt to bypass quarantine rules, man, meAs Anthony Johnson cogged, he did not show up at his intended quarantine location and instead checked into another hotel. According to official sources, he was arrested on bail for $ 2,000

The arrests follow a series of incidents in which passengers attempted to ignore safety precautions when traveling to Hawaii. Since the pandemic began, Hawaii has arrested several tourists and residents for violating security measures, including an incident where two Hawaiian residents boarded a plane despite positive COVID-19 tests. Daily Kos reported.

While the vaccine is slowly reaching more Americans each day, travel is still risky as the pandemic has not yet ended. When traveling, one should take precautions not only for yourself but also for those around you. This virus is deadly and whether or not a vaccine is available doesn’t make the coronavirus any less dangerous.

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