Every single day Kos collects over 260,000 signatures in assist of Deb Haaland as Dwelling Secretary

Today, Daily Kos signed over 260,000 signatures in support of Rep. Deb Haaland as the Senate will begin hearings to approve her as the new Secretary of the Home Office under the administration of Biden-Harris. Haaland currently serves as the representative of New Mexico’s 1st District Congressional and was named Head of the Home Office by President Joe Biden in December 2020.

The Department of the Interior plays a critical role in the historic preservation of states and natural resources, as well as programs that monitor native Alaskans, Native Americans, and Hawaiians. To date, no American president has recruited anyone from these communities to head the Home Office. As Haaland himself said: “A voice like mine has never been a cabinet secretary or at the head of the Interior Ministry.”

“The importance of Haaland’s nomination cannot be emphasized enough. If confirmed, it would mean for the first time in American history a Native American woman overseeing policies affecting tribal nations, ”said Carolyn Fiddler, communications director at Daily Kos. “Daily Kos is thrilled to advance Haaland’s historic nomination and ensure America wins another fierce advocate for our natural resources and tribal communities.”

“Deb Haaland’s nomination for Home Secretary is downright historic,” said Lisa Ramsden, Senior Climate Campaigner at Greenpeace USA. “She will soon be the first indigenous person to lead the department that oversees millions of acres of tribal land, turns a page in that land’s dark history, and gives an indigenous woman authority over stolen land. We urge the Senate to press ahead quickly with Haaland’s confirmation so that it can get to work on implementing the Biden government’s plan to reclaim public land and water for the people. “

“Deb Haaland is a very progressive, Green New Deal supportive climate hawk who stands for indigenous rights, keeps fossil fuels in the ground and bans fracking. She is a groundbreaking choice to lead the Home Office. Climate Hawks Vote approved their Congressional race in 2018 and we strongly support their endorsement, ”said RL Miller, Political Director at Climate Hawks Vote.

“Rep. Haaland is eminently qualified to lead the Home Office and the Sierra Club urges the Senate to confirm her historic nomination. Haaland has led with integrity and collaboration and continues to fight for a healthy environment for today and for future generations, “said Chris Hill, assistant director of Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign.” We are confident that Rep. Haaland can be the change we are We look forward to working with her to ensure that land and water are central to the climate solution. “

Participating organizations include #VOTEPROCHOICE, 198 Methods, 350 Butte County, Beyond the Bomb, Climate Hawks Vote, Consumers United for Fairness, End Citizens United, Coalition for Endangered Species, Reform Fight, Action of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace USA, The Juggernaut Project, LeftNet, Let America Vote, Lonely Whale, Progressive Democrats of America, Sustainable Energy and Business Network, UltraViolet, Voter Action Project and Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN).

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