Biden Scraps Trump-Period Citizenship Check

In yet another attempt to obliterate the Donald Trump years, the Joe Biden administration has decided to revert to an old version of the US citizenship test.

The current test, implemented by the Trump administration, has been criticized by some for failing to advertise enough before the new test was implemented.

A report by Newsmax found that some of the complaints were lack of time to study and prepare training materials and resources. Another complaint was that for many of the questions, according to the study guide, there was only one acceptable answer.

Homeland Security announced it would discontinue its use of the new citizenship test developed by the Trump administration and will revert to the test created in the Bush years. Http://

– The Washington Times (@WashTimes) February 23, 2021

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Liberals make citizenship easier

A New York Post report describes some of the things that U.S. citizenship and immigration officials say will be different between the new test and the test implemented by Trump:

The test consists of only ten questions, which differ from the current twenty questions. Applicants must pass at least 60% of the questions and pass an English test.

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Under the Trump test there was a list of 128 questions that any test could pull questions from. That number now drops to 100.

Applicants can also be asked about the functions of various offices within the federal government, such as representatives and senators, and the significance of the founding documents.

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How hard should it be to become a citizen?

The New York Post report listed some examples of test questions that the Biden administration has removed from the list of possible test questions. In which founding document do the words “life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness” appear? The only correct answer is the declaration of independence. “

Another is, “What founding document says the American colonies were free from Britain?” Another question that has been removed from the list is, “What is the name of a document that influenced the US Constitution?”

The answers to this question in the study guide were acceptable: the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence.

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Immigration by the numbers: who takes the test?

USCIS is currently behind 942,000 citizenship applications, according to a report by AZ Central. As of 2019, the Department of Homeland Security stated that the U.S. had 13.6 million permanent residents. 9.2 million of these are qualified for naturalization.

The new policy states that anyone who has applied for citizenship since December 1, 2020 and has scheduled an interview before April 19, 2021, can either take the 2020 test they would have studied for or the 2008 version of the test .

If someone applied after March 1 of this year, they will take the 2008 test and the 2020 version will expire by April 19, 2021.

The Newsmax report also stated that there were many criticisms of the Trump administration test because it was viewed as “an allegedly conservative bias”. The bias was found because there were five questions about the federal papers and only two about the civil rights movement.

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