The MyPillow Man is “positively” just the start: Dominion’s CEO guarantees extra lawsuits

From VICE News:

The electoral technology company has already sued Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell and Lindell, CEO of MyPillow of their unsubstantiated claims of electoral conspiracy totaling around $ 4 billion since January.

But the company’s CEO, at the center of exposed election fraud cases, told CNBC Tuesday that Dominion’s latest lawsuit against Lindell “is definitely not the last” and that they are “not excluding anyone.”

“The damage to our reputation alone has hit us devastating,” Dominion CEO John Poulos told CNBC. “We see immeasurable damage to our customers every day and the impact they have on many voters who sadly watch these videos … they can be forgiven for believing.”

While I don’t think Lindell really knows what he’s doing, any more than I thought Of Mice and Men’s Lennie purposely tried to kill puppies, he still deserves what comes to him. Sometimes I also like to unhook my brain. But when I do that I smoke some ganja and watch Harold and Kumar or something. What I am not doing is trying to overthrow the legitimate United States government to permanently install a wet sack of farts in the White House.

But Lindell – and Rudy and Powell – have different ideas.

When asked who is next on his target list, Poulos simply said: “We are not excluding anyone.” But this tweet can be instructive:

Oh what a smorgasbord. I see Donny Boy made the list! Sad!

Here is the interview with Poulos. When the interviewer asks Poulos if Fox News is on his list, he smiles crookedly and repeats: “We’re not excluding anyone.”

Damage Friday is still a day away, but consider this a small gift under your tree for Damage Friday Eve.

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