Rush Limbaugh is alleged to be buried within the St. Louis, Missouri cemetery

It has just been confirmed that conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh was buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri on Wednesday.

Onslaught Limbaugh put to rest

Limbaugh was buried in a private cemetery two days ago.

“Security was very tight when a horse-drawn carriage was brought in to bring ‘El Rushbo’, as it was known to its fans, to its final resting place,” reported 97.1 FM TALK.

“According to sources, the northern St. Louis County cemetery was closed to the public for several hours on Wednesday as an estimated 40 family members and dignitaries had to put security in place before they were allowed through the gates,” he added.

“Many expected Limbaugh to be buried in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Instead, he will rest next to some of St. Louis’ most famous residents forever. “

Kathryn Limbaugh, the radio host’s widow, told the southeast Missourian that a virtual ceremony would take place later.

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Tributes to Rush Limbaugh

“Missouri’s native son Rush Limbaugh was retired today. Rush’s legacy in our state and across the country will not be forgotten, “Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) said in a statement.

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Limbaugh was 70 years old when he died on February 17 after a battle with Stage 4 lung cancer that he had battled since January 2020.

DeSantis had said that Florida will hoist its flags at half the workforce on Friday when Limbaugh’s body is laid to rest.

“There’s not much to say, the guy was an absolute legend,” said the governor. “He was a friend of mine and just a great person.”

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DeSantis honors Limbaugh at CPAC

On Friday, DeSantis kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a rousing tribute to Limbaugh, according to Fox News.

“Rush kept showing the courage of his convictions,” said DeSantis. “Rush was one of the first to fight the culture of demolition and won. Rush has shown that fighting the left requires strength and that a backbone conservatism is doomed to fail. “

“At this moment in our history, and I think Rush showed us that, but right now there is a cost to standing up for the right things,” he added. “You could be attacked, you could be smeared, you could even be canceled by the main organs of the political left … If the left comes after you, will you stay strong or will you fold?”

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