Pleasure Behar says if Trump runs for president in 2024, he’ll come out of Rikers Island Jail

Former President Donald Trump may not be in office, but Joy Behar makes it clear she hasn’t attacked him yet.

Behar hits Trump

In the Monday episode of The View, Behar had another anti-Trump breakdown. This time around, she believes the former president will be in New York’s Rikers Island Prison until 2024. She said this during a panel discussion on Trump’s CPAC speech that he gave over the weekend.

“Well, first of all, I didn’t see CPAC, so I have some questions,” Behar said, according to Yahoo News. “Was there a laugh trail this year? Because it really is the funniest show on TV and I thought CPAC was perfect because C stands for cult. You know, I’ve never seen people work so hard to worship the god Donald Trump. I don’t think it’ll run again in 2024 if it doesn’t do it from Rikers Island. “

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“It’s interesting what happened in the world this week,” she added. “Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, was convicted and has been arrested for a year.”

“Berlusconi – he was president of Italy for a while, was also arrested, convicted and placed under house arrest,” said Behar. “So there is a precedent in the world. It’s not like, oh, we can’t imagine a past president getting arrested. Yes we can. Yes we can.”

Concerning two New York attorneys general, Behar concluded, “Cyrus Vance has some plans for him, and Letitia James has plans for him.”

Behar hits CPAC

At another point on the show, Behar questioned the CPAC issue that year: “America Uncanceled.”

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“The people who are canceled are Republicans from other Republicans,” said Behar. “Liz Cheney has been canceled from the Josh Hawley wing, and Adam Kinzinger is canceled … so they cancel each other. It’s fascinating to see. “

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Behar’s colleague Sara Haines didn’t like the fact that Trump doubled unity in the Republican Party in his speech.

“But he took the time to blacklist 17 Republican names – they now have targets on their backs for the demolition culture that Joy mentioned,” she said.

CPAC SPEAKERS REPEAT WRONG SELECTION: Over the weekend, the GOP’s biggest names appeared on CPAC, including the former president. Trump, where he repeated, lies in his speech and suggests a comeback by 2024 – we are reacting.

– The View (@TheView) March 1, 2021

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