Biden praises Home for passing electoral reform

President Joe Biden commended the House of Representatives for passing a comprehensive electoral reform and suffrage bill and said he would continue to work with Congress to “refine and move it.”

“The right to vote is sacred and fundamental – it is the right from which all of our other rights as Americans arise. This landmark legislation is urgently needed to protect this right, ensure the integrity of our elections, and repair and strengthen our democracy, ”said Biden. “I look forward to working with Congress to refine and advance this important piece of legislation. And I look forward to putting it into law after the legislative process so that together we can strengthen and restore American democracy for the next and all upcoming elections. “

He added: “After an unprecedented attack on our democracy; a coordinated attempt to ignore, undermine, and undo the will of the American people unprecedented in our history; and a new wave of aggressive attacks on voting rights in states across the country, I welcome Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and the House of Representatives for the passage of HR 1, the For the People Act of 2021. “

The For the People Act would expand postal voting options, require states to introduce electronic voting laws, and empower the Justice Department to enforce voting rights.

The bill went according to party lines. Republicans have largely criticized the legislation.

Yesterday former Vice President Mike Pence spoke out against the legislation, saying the bill would “increase the chances of electoral fraud, trample on the first amendment, further undermine confidence in our elections and forever water down the votes of legally qualified voters”.

Alan is a New York-based writer, editor, and news junkie.

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