Kevin McCarthy declared the open season for his caucus. Some Republicans now remorse the error

Politico says at least four Republicans hold seats, which are particularly likely to change if they lose their area code to a Trumplican:

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler from Washington, “one of the few Republicans to represent a district that touches the Pacific “
Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, a seasoned lawmaker with very high name badges
Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan, a new GOP lawmaker who won Justin Amash’s former district
California Rep David Valadao who just reclaimed his district after being removed from the seat in 2018

Some Republicans are now trying to clean up McCarthy’s mess – they’re asking Trump not to meddle in GOP primaries (that will work) and privately tell their vulnerable counterparts that they’ll support them after McCarthy throws them to the Wolves.

The chief among them is Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, who told Politico he was planning to get Trump to withdraw from the primary. “It’s probably better for us to keep these people,” said Emmer. Yes, it probably is. Good luck thinking with Trump.

A host of other Republicans in the House are now feeling the danger and are getting involved:

“We don’t need anything to worsen the divisions,” said Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma. “We should come to an agreement and focus on getting the majority back and I think scoring scores gets in the way.”
“I would encourage that [former] President, don’t weigh up and let the voters make the decision, ”said Rep. Tom Reed of New York, co-chair of the non-partisan Problem Solvers Caucus. “If you go out openly and publicly and have this type of attack on a family member, I don’t think it’s a smart move.”
“I don’t like it when we call someone by their name negatively,” added Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri, a purple seat in the suburbs of St. Louis. “We need everyone to cross the finish line.”

Gee, this is a huge concern from members of a caucus where a majority of Republicans voted against confirming the 2020 election results and then nearly all of them voted to rid Trump of wrongdoing after killing a murderous mob in the Capitol would have. The Republicans of the House handed Trump the party on a silver platter, and now some have the impression that he is someone to argue with. Maybe they really haven’t read any of these tweets for four solid years.

But even if it becomes clear to some caucus members that Trump alone could diminish their chances of winning the majority back, McCarthy is far less urgent.

“I look forward to working with every member of our conference to support their re-election efforts,” McCarthy told Politico in the statement. “We will take the house back in November 2022.”

Nothing less than inspiration from Chef LINO (leading only on behalf) Kevin McCarthy.

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