Harris launches Senate debate over COVID-19 help, Republicans harass one another

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, said, “We all know this will only delay the inevitable. It will do little more than a few sore throats for Senate employees who work very hard.” He also said he was “pleased” that the public, who already supported the bill, could learn all the details about it. “The Wisconsin senator wants to give the American people one more opportunity to learn what is in the US bailout plan. We Democrats want America to hear what is in the plan,” he added. Schumer swore that the bill would be passed before the week is up, even if that means going into the weekend.


It’s great that GOP Senator Ron Johnson wants to read the American bailout plan in the Senate

It gives Americans one more opportunity to hear what’s inside!

Direct reviews

Vaccine funding

Resources for schools

Rental support

Small biz help

Poverty Reduction Measures

And more

– Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 4, 2021

Johnson has every intention of bringing this into the weekend beyond if he can. He is supposed to set up shifts for Republicans to enforce their amendments so that they cannot be dispensed with when casting votes. “I’ve developed a process that keeps people from getting tired. I get registrations. I set a schedule for three shifts,” said Johnson. How successful that shift work will be on Saturday morning at 3am remains to be seen, but Senator Mitt Romney – the “moderate” one – is all for the delaying tactic. That means Republicans are pretty unanimous against schools that have the resources to reopen safely, that teachers get vaccinated, that their constituents get financial aid, and that they get food and housing assistance. And maybe they’ll get their jobs back.

Because that’s exactly what is on the plan: all of this and more. The Senate Democrats made some significant changes to the bill that Parliament passed last week. The most fundamental changes are the removal of the minimum wage increase of USD 15 / hour. Lowering the $ 1,400 survival check cap to exclude individuals who earn more than $ 80,000 per year (from $ 100,000 in the home bill) or joint applicants who earn more than $ 160,000 (from $ 200,000 in the house bill); Financed a bridge in New York and a railroad system in California. Unfortunately, an attempt by Finance Chairman Ron Wyden to extend the $ 400 / week rise in unemployment through September failed, and it expires on August 29th. However, it has successfully fended off efforts by the Conservative Democrats to reduce that support to $ 300.

In return, some of this will provide more funding for rural hospitals and broadband expansion – that is, more for rural states represented by Republicans who oppose the bill. At the very least, Democrats are on the lookout for Republican voters. It will also allocate more funding to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist the homeless and change the formula for state and local aid to give more money to smaller populated states.

Once again, the Democrats are looking for Republican voters. Especially in Alaska, where the fishing and tourism industries, along with the other small government aid, will be boosted. Even so, Lisa Murkowski, the senior Republican Senator from Alaska, voted no in the first procedural vote to get the bill to speak. But we’re all in it together with the exception of the Republican lawmakers, who don’t want this to happen.

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