Republicans sway as average Senator Bob Casey calls the filibuster guidelines a joke

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) was the second moderate Senate to back the filibuster change on Sunday as he called the current rules a joke.


Moderate Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) calls the current filibuster rules a joke and says he’s open to changing them. This is a position he has developed over the past two years.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 7, 2021

Senator Casey said on CNN:

I’m very open to it, and I wouldn’t have said that two years ago. If you look at the destruction of Mitch McConnell in the Obama years, it seems they are only confirming right-wing judges every day and making no progress on important issues. It is quite difficult to see how we can make the progress we need to make on voting rights, on climate change, on raising the minimum wage, without changing the rule for the filibuster, or at least making it more difficult. If you want to get the Filibuster, you have to earn it. You need to be on the ground, your members need to be on the ground. You really have to lie on the floor for a very, very long time. But this idea that you are only asking for – you call on a filibuster without doing the work to move it forward I think is really a joke.


It was an abused process. The Senate is not the Senate from years ago, and I think it has to be open to change.

It is no accident that Sen. Casey’s comments came on the same day that Sen. Manchin called for changes to the filibuster so that Republicans could no longer block the legislation.

The United States has been trapped in an era of zero-sum political thinking for too long. The filibuster is not an all-or-nothing rule. The moderates in the Democratic Party did not ask the filibuster to stay as he was. You don’t want it to be completely gone.

The answer that Senate Democrats are moving toward is making it harder for McConnell and Republicans to filibuster. Democrats will change the filibuster without killing him, and the result will be a gutted process that is no longer open to Mitch McConnell to abuse him to block the legislation.

The writing is on the wall.

The Senate filibuster is changing.

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