Wyoming turns into the latest Republican state to carry the masks mandate and open companies

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced that his state will be the last to lift a mask mandate and lift all restrictions on certain businesses such as bars and restaurants.

The order states that companies can “resume normal operations” and that on March 16, most people are free to choose whether to wear masks or not.

Gordon continued to urge residents to wear face covers in indoor public spaces while explaining that they would continue to be needed for students in school classes.

Nevertheless, the first step towards normality in the equality state seems to be underway.

“I thank the people of Wyoming for their commitment to protecting one another during this pandemic. Through their efforts, we have kept our schools and businesses running and our economy advanced, ”said Gordon.

“I urge all Wyoming citizens to continue to take personal responsibility for their actions and to remain diligent as we look to the warmer months and the safe resumption of our traditional spring and summer activities.”

The lifting mask mandate in Wyoming next week will allow bars, restaurants, theaters and gyms to resume normal operations –

– Reid Wilson (@PoliticsReid) March 9, 2021

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Wyoming, Republican states lifting mask mandates

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Gordon noted the “declining number of active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations” in Wyoming, as well as progress in introducing vaccines as a rationale for easing restrictions.

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced that their states would also lift mask mandates and open businesses to full capacity.

I just announced that Texas is 100% OPEN.


I also ended the nationwide mask mandate.

– Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) March 2, 2021

Liberal politicians weren’t too keen on the prospect of states lifting masked mandates and opening business.

“The removal of the mask mandate is now putting so many people at risk, especially important workers [and] the vulnerable, ”said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez without evidence.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who routinely ignores mask mandates and COVID restrictions on businesses, called such a move
“Absolutely inconsiderate.”

Which of course is absolutely stupid.

This endangers the whole country and beyond. We are in a pandemic. We know that the spread of COVID is not precisely limited by state lines, and explosions in COVID cases can increase the likelihood that new variants of COVID will develop or spread to new locations. It is dangerous.

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) March 2, 2021

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One state beat them all

While mask mandates lifts and onerous corporate restrictions are a welcome sight for freedom-loving Americans everywhere, one state has even struck Wyoming, Texas, and Mississippi.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) recently boasted that his state’s mask mandate never existed.

“Unlike Texas and Mississippi, we can’t remove a mask mandate because we didn’t have a mandate at all,” McMaster bragged.

Unlike Texas and Mississippi, we can’t cancel a mask mandate because we didn’t have a mandate at all. South Carolina took a measured approach and never closed. We have given the South Carolinians the freedom to choose what is best for their health and family.

– Governor Henry McMaster (@henrymcmaster) March 5, 2021

“We have given the South Carolinians the freedom to choose what is best for their health and family,” added McMaster.

This is exactly how America used to be, before the governors of the blue state decided they were no longer interested in freedom.

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