Trump Golf Membership’s pool boy now has to fund the NAACP scholarship

That may not have sounded like much, but the group of Trump supporters outside Trump National was notorious for showing up in exposed groups and flaunting their carefree stance on the COVID-19 pandemic to intimidate Trump protesters and to mock. According to Beynette, law enforcement officials refused to intervene despite the presence of three Loudoun County MPs on site and the regular presence of security guards for Trump. Instead, all legal work was eventually left in the hands of the two victims, who had to obtain a citizen-obtained arrest warrant from the district judge in order to bring charges. This process stretched over several months and began with two weeks of quarantine after exposure to deskins. This meant being isolated from family during Thanksgiving and then spending the vacation working on their case.

This incident with Deskins only hints at the civil unrest that hit this neighborhood, especially during election season. Black Lives Matter and NAACP supporters received some of the most targeted ridicules and attacks on Trump National from Trump supporters. For this reason, Beynette and Razeghi felt it appropriate that the outcome of this study should benefit them. Beynette and Razeghi are more than thrilled that something good has been saved from this disgusting encounter and turbulent time.

To their advantage, Loudoun County, which Trump preferred for his golf getaways (especially after COVID-19 cut his travel plans), also turned deep blue during his tenure. There was a seasonal series of Black Lives Matter marches in the summer of 2020 organized by NAACP President Michelle Thomas. The marches combined voter registration campaigns and GOTV efforts. Beynette and Razeghi were active with these and other grassroots groups. Members of the democratic district board from districts and cities around the golf club also asked for an investigation. These included Phyllis Randall, the first black woman to preside over a county board in Virginia who led the removal of a Confederate statue from the county courthouse, and Juli Briskman, head of the Algonkian District, which is home to Trump National Golf Club . Briskman became known nationwide as the cyclist who gave Trump the middle finger as his motorcade passed her. The action initially resulted in her losing her job, but she kept running for office – and won.

And just so it’s clear, both Trump and now have lost deskins!

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