Biden threw away the previous Democratic recreation ebook, and Republicans cannot alter

During the Democratic primary, Biden talked about a major “bipartisan” game replaying many of the same bromides we had heard from Obama about “grabbing the aisle” and other such nonsense. It really seemed like he was building “Obama, the sequel”. But we didn’t see that for even a second. When 10 allegedly “moderate” Republicans paid him a visit to the White House and made a $ 600 billion counteroffer to his own $ 1.9 trillion proposal, they were essentially laughed out of the room .

“I think it is – they put their ideas forward. That’s how the president sees it, ”said Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, when asked about the GOP’s ridiculous counter-offer. “He felt it was an effort to be bipartisan, and that’s why he invited her to the White House today. In his view, the size of the package must be appropriate to the crisis – crises we are facing – the twin crises we are facing, which is why he proposed a package that is $ 1.9 trillion. “

Not only did Biden sack the Republicans, he didn’t even bother to negotiate. No: “Would $ 1.3 trillion work? No? $ 1 trillion? $ 800 billion? “Because we know that not only would it have dragged out this process for far too long and delayed the critical work on electoral reform, immigration reform, and other democratic priorities, but that those assholes would ultimately have voted against the legislation anyway. It’s what Republicans always have, and there was no reason for Democrats to believe that this time around, with a party committed to Donald Trump of all people, things would have been different.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this achievement. Biden proposed a $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan, and Congress passed a $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan. Democrats not only gave a massive boost to a recovering economy, but also adopted the most comprehensive poverty reduction initiative in generations.

Joan McCarter put the elements of the bill here and really read them. Really appreciate how amazing this moment is. My favorite? It almost halves child poverty and offers monthly direct payments to low-income parents.

So amazing is this legislation that it has unprecedented popular support. A recent PPP poll set out some of the numbers, and these are all mainstream polls (which translates to 70% + overall approval and 50-60% Republican approval).

Lower health costs For people who lost their cover due to job losses during the pandemic, 77% of voters support this provision of the American rescue plan, including 58% of Republicans

$ 1,400 relief checks for middle-income families and working families Who needs it most: 74% of voters support it, including 61% of Republicans

Limit insurance premiums for millions As a result, no one pays more than 9% of their income for health insurance: 72% support, 57% support among Republicans (only 11% of voters overall are against this provision).

New funds for spreading vaccines and COVID-19 tests: 71% of voters are in favor, including 51% Republicans and 72% of those over 65.

And get this: These authorization numbers are in place even before people get their checks. There are stimulus checks and monthly credit checks for children for tens of millions of parents. There is the means to expedite the distribution of vaccines and the means to help companies keep their employees in the workplace – airlines canceling scheduled vacation days, for example, and much-needed support for restaurants and bars.

You can tell the Republicans are in trouble because Fox News didn’t focus on this bill. Instead, they’ve spent the last month talking about Mr. Potato Head and racist anti-Asian Dr. Crying Seuss books that have been decommissioned. That’s a far cry from 2009, when Fox News was obsessed with the “You’re Going to Lose Your Doctor” storylines when it attacked and undermined the ACA.

And so this is not 2009 anymore, but the Republicans are trapped with this game book. They have decided to vote en masse and without a single mistake against the most important and popular law, since who knows when. And their news and media machines are afraid to touch them. They don’t even try to undermine the law in public. The best they can do is have a weak sauce like this:


Our country has remembered one of the most painful years. But the dark times have brought the best of America into the spotlight.

This year’s recovery will turn things around. Not because of the recent Democratic Partisan Act, but because of the resilience of our people.

– Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) March 12, 2021

“All the good things that happen don’t happen because of the bill. Hey, is that Dr. Seuss over there? “is pretty much their operational message right now. How will that sustain them through an election cycle where the economy is booming?”

People have been hoarding cash, with household savings rates well above historical norms. Makes sense in times of economic uncertainty, when people are not sure whether they will have a job in the coming months, as well as in reduced opportunities (such as vacation travel) to spend money. But there is massive pent-up demand. When economic fears subside, jobs feel more secure, stimulus checks hit bank accounts, and people shake off cabin fever with glee (I know I will!), Spending will be rocket fuel for the economy.

The The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has just increased expected economic growth to 6.5% this year and 4% next year. They had forecast 3.2% in December. Goldman Sachs predicts an even higher growth rate of 7.7% in a report cheerfully titled “The Coming Jobs Boom.”

Fox News knows that, of course. The reaction to an unkind reality is simply to end the news business. At this point everything is culture war nonsense, and at this point nonsense was made. It’s hard to stand up for anything when the party they all support couldn’t even raise a political platform at the Republican National Convention last year. “Whatever Trump wants” was much easier to stamp on a single piece of paper while his lackey Sean Hannity ruled the quarters.

But how does that better prepare Republicans for 2022? How do “against everything Democrats do, including what everyone loves,” win votes? Even Q supporters will have to think twice in 2022 whether to choose whether to hand in their monthly check for $ 300 or $ 360 per child, or to vote for a Republican who promises to reverse that aid. And what message will they have for a booming economy when the nation returns to normal after Trump’s gross mismanagement of the pandemic response? Beyond demographic change, Republicans are still too dependent on old, white, rural men who methodically quit the electorate. And what’s left? A hope for an ACA-style backlash that you don’t even want to trigger?

Unified Republican opposition to the $ 1.9 trillion bailout is the best gift Republicans could have given Democrats. Second best? I’m not even trying to publicly undermine it. Dr. Seuss won’t win any elections.

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